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What is PC Case

Posted on October 29 2012 by We should distinguish different kinds of tower case, for examples, if we want to buy Mid Tower Case first we should see the material. in Mid Tower Case, server cases

The Custom PC Case

The Custom PC Case is composed of a metal plate and a plastic panel, providing mounting space for power, main board, and all kinds of extended board, floppy disk drives, optical drives, hard drives and other storage device. It is the "house" of computer host. To connect the components through the chassis stent, and all kinds of screws or buckles, clips and other connecting pieces in the interior of the enclosure to form a host. And there are many forms of PC Case, including a standard case, common case, HTPC case, and the tower case.

The Tower PC Case

The tower case is one of the familiar case in the computer market, and it is 1/2 higher than ordinary one with internal space that is generally only used by fancier. We should distinguish different kinds of tower case, for examples, if we want to buy Mid Tower Case first we should see the material. Generally, the front panel of the chassis plastic is the use of ABS engineering plastics, robust stability. If the case adopts the plastic is not hard enough, or brittle easily broken, its quality may have a problem.

Portable Speakers Can Used with PC Case

Nowadays the society has changed from the original steam times, electric times to the information times gradually. It can be used with PC Case to produce a computer. Due to the technical development now part of electronic information product material components include lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent, chromium and so on. These materials in the product may do harm to human's health and environment. The recently popular portable products can bring us convenience and reduce the environmental harm to simplify our life and environment. And people also like music, more and more popular stars appear and many people like listening to the music in computer, at the same time, they want to have a speakers that is in nice sound quality. Using speakers for computer can make you enjoy the music you like and improve the normal sound of computer itself. Many portable speakers can support server cases, and its technology is advanced, leading the portable products to the top level. With the development of technology, portable products function gathered stronger and become smaller and smaller. In the market you can also find some usb speakers for computer to bring you music in high quality when you are searching the Internet. Although the quality is limited by the size, now portable speaker sounds better and better.

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