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Use Notes of Cheap English Style Electric Ovens in China

Posted on January 25 2013 by With the continuous improvement of lifestyle in daily life, many users prefer cooking delicious food at their own home. in oven brands, built in ovens, electric oven

With the continuous improvement of lifestyle in daily life, many users prefer cooking delicious food at their own home. If you want to do a good western meal, of course, and the must device is the electric oven, and many dishes need the help of an electric oven. Well, what matters worthy of our attention in the course of day-to-day use ovens? In the market, there is a wide range of oven brands, electric oven can be a lot of precautions. Different brands of oven uses are more or less the same. Here briefly outline the use of English style electric ovens.

Notes before Using the Electric Oven

If you are the first time to use the electric built in ovens, pay attention the cleanliness of the ovens, and you have to use the clean cloth to clean up the inside and outside of the oven. And then you have to open the electric oven and keep the furnace empty, and use a high-temperature to bake for a while, there may sometimes be white smoke, which is a normal phenomenon. After the grilling, pay attention to ventilation. After waiting for the cooling, then use the clear water to clean up the inside of the oven and the furnace wall. After cleaning, the oven can be used for normal toaster. Before baking any food, oven needs to be preheated to a specified temperature, in order to comply with recipes on baking time. Preheat the oven should be about 10 minutes, if the oven is preheating empty baked too long, it may also affect the life of the oven.

built-in Ovens

During Oven Heating

As for the oven being heated in a very high temperature, in addition to the internal high temperature, but the shell and glass doors will be very hot, so when you open or close the oven door, to be careful to avoid injury from a glass door. When putting the baking tray into the oven or removing it from the oven, be sure to use the handle, non-direct contact with the baking sheet or baking food by hand. Do not allow the hand to touch the heater or other parts of the furnace chamber, so as not to burn. During use, if we set 30 minutes grilled food, but by observing, in 20 minutes the food is well cooked, at this time, do not press the time knob counter-clockwise, you just have to press and adjust the three fire shits and close the one in the middle, in this way, you can extend the life of the machine.

Notes after Using the Electric Ovens

Each time, after finishing using the electric oven, you should wait until it cools down and then clean up the inside of the oven. It should be noted that the door in the cleaning tank, the shell of the furnace chamber should not be clear up with water, and you have to use a dry cloth to wipe them, remember to avoid washing with water. In case of difficult in getting rid of dirt, detergent is available to gently wipe them. Other accessories, such as an electric oven, hotplate and grill can be washed with water. The oven must be placed in a well ventilated place, do not get too near the wall so as to allow heat. Do not stag in front of the oven if it works for long time. If the oven glass door is found that there are cracks in the class, please stop using it immediately.

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