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Ultimate Secret to Identify Car Parts

Posted on March 26 2013 by The good stuff is not cheap and cheap stuff is not good, this is what we need to keep in mind at the selection of auto parts. in Subaru 2.5i Outback Sport Style 2013 Body ornaments, bonnet hood Forester parts, auto body parts products


See the prices of accessories

The good stuff is not cheap and cheap stuff is not good, this is what we need to keep in mind at the selection of auto parts. The retail prices of most genuine Subaru 2.5i Outback Sport Style 2013 Body ornaments are provided in a region, and even unified national price. So do not be deceived guise of businesses so-called "no tax", "parallel goods ", there are often traps in cheap price!


See trademark logo

Presumably we all know to see trademarks, but it will be easily overlooked, genuine packaging printing, writing is clear and formal, bright overprint; but packaging printing of counterfeit products is relatively poor, overprint color is dark, color block edge is not clear. Of course, the paper packaging of some imported parts is made by the use of environmentally-friendly recycled materials.

Identify the mark; the most formal parts are marked with the symbol, such as timing gear mark, piston top marks, used to ensure the correct installation of the mechanical, if the spare parts do not have marks, we should be careful to buy.

Subaru Accessories


See geometric dimensions

A lot of auto spare parts are prone to chap, oxidize, mirror or aging due to improper manufacturing, transportation and storage, these parts should be eliminated, but many auto repair shops, retail stores will shoddy, so check be sure to check parts geometric size and shape in the purchase of bonnet hood Forester parts. For example, when buy clutch plate steel or friction films, you can hold the steel friction plate in front to observe whether it warps; buy oil seal, oil seal end face with a skeleton should show positive circular, which can fit with flat glass and has no deflection.

4. See the protective parts

Genuine spare parts have a protective layer before being shipped out from the factory, such as the bushing, the bush, piston, valve usually have protection by paraffin, so as not to damage the surface. So everyone must pay attention whether the spare parts surface has protective layer in the purchase of these important accessories, be careful to buy if it has not.

5. See the appearance of accessories

Many auto parts counterfeiters often pose used accessories as qualified products for sale after simple processing, such as demolition, equipment, fight, scrape, paint and other processing. Generally genuine accessories have both accuracy and burnished finish, the more important parts, the higher precision; if you find signs of wear on the surface or when poke the painted accessories surface paint, if there is old paint, it is mostly the camouflage of scrap pieces.

6. See technical parameters

At the purchase of auto parts, technical parameters are extremely important. A lot of fake and shoddy products are almost the same with the real thing in appearance, but it is not appropriate to put something out, either big or small, and it always not satisfied to be used, and leaving accident hazard. Therefore, be sure to see the technical parameters when you buy auto parts.

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