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Types of Household Electric Ovens

Posted on January 10 2013 by Currently, such products have been gradually phased out of the market. in oven brands, built in ovens, gas electric oven manufacturer

Simple Electric Ovens

Simple electric ovens is the most early-marketed product, the structure is equipped with a sheet-like far-infrared radiation heating element or electric wire, the housing is made of sheet metal, mounted on a double sheet made of the sliding door, directly connected to the 220V power supply, the power cannot be adjusted, the temperature cannot be controlled, and baked goods can only be based on experience to master time, or from time to time pass off approach to master the furnace, it is convenient to use, but if control is not good, the food is baked to be dry or to be coke. Currently, such products have been gradually phased out of the market.

built-in oven

Common Electric Oven

Common type oven is one of the most ordinary varieties of the ovens in the market, such as the Vatti electric oven is one of the common oven brands on the mall and used in various families, it is automatic thermostat, automatic timer and thermostat timing product. The type of oven is mainly composed by the cabinet, cavity, heating element, temperature controller, timer, and power leads, hotplate, grill, handle forks and other attachments. Casing surface spray color amino baking, the inner chamber is for loading and unloading, on both sides of the framework, it is needed to adjust the level of the position of the baking pan and bake network. The door is mostly spring structure, inlaid with high-temperature, Sakamoto glass, toughened transparent window in the middle. Some use the milky white quartz glass heating element fever, and some use the metal tubular heating elements, which is also useful, it also uses a sheet of far-infrared radiation heating element temperature controller on the panel is an electric oven control system by the red and green indicator their work status. The temperature controller uses bimetal temperature control element, the timer is generally mechanical. Some built in ovens also has power transfer switch, surface fire, and the end of the fire control can be separated to get a different level of attainment.

Advanced Electric Ovens

The advanced electric oven is also less likely to see in the market. And what it is different from the common type oven are: tighter structure, more beautiful appearance, more complete functions. Shell is made of stainless steel sheet stamping, using three dual-chamber structure, so that the shell the tears mill greatly reduce, as for control, in addition to the functions like the ordinary electric oven, it also has a temperature of only 360C cryogenic file dedicated to yeast fermentation.

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