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The Prospect of Smart Card Industry

Posted on January 15 2013 by The smart card is different from the memory card, it is CPU card and there is chip inside the CPU, so the encryption arithmetic can be carried out inside the card with a higher security. in contact smart card, smart card manufacturer, High Quality Smart Card And RFID Card Manufacturer In China

The smart card is different from the memory card, it is CPU card and there is chip inside the CPU, so the encryption arithmetic can be carried out inside the card with a higher security. Such as smart cards refueling system takes a contact smart card as the core and takes the computer network as the backbone, to deliver a variety of information among the data management centers, gas stations and oil storage point quickly and timely, and improve operational efficiency and management level of the oil companies and gas stations.

contact smart card

Why the smart card application is so broad? Compared with traditional magnetic stripe cards and optical cards, the smart card has many advantages: first, good anti-destruction and long service life cards. If it has no the man-made damage, its shelf life can be up to 100 years or more; second, Anti-interference, as long as the chip surface is kept clean, its ability of waterproof, anti-magnetic and anti-static is stronger than the magnetic cards and optical cards; third, excellent security features, magnetic cards and optical cards are easily forged, while the smart card itself has a very strong encryption capabilities, has also taken a very strict anti-decryption means; fourth, high card storage capacity, which can be up to a few thousand bytes; fifth, the low dependence on the network, the smart card can own amount, and the all operations are done independently by the terminal, with less demanding on the network.

With the diversification and the continuing expansion of the field of smart card applications, the high-capacity, high-performance and multi-function of smart cards will be fully reflected. smart card manufacturerhope that a multi-purpose card, a card used in all over the world believe will become a reality.

The size of the smart card market

The smart card has been widely used in the banking, telecommunications, transportation, and public safety in all areas of society, which has obtained rapid development. In 2012, the sale of domestic smart card market was nearly 1.98 billion, a year-on-year growth of 26.8%; and the sales reach $ 53.7 billion, a year-on-year growth of 15.3%. The reason why the smart card market sales obtain a sharp growth is: first, the growth of mobile communications card market stimulates the growth of the overall market; second, the rapid market development of city card, residence permit, social security card, and other areas also contributed to the growth of the overall market.

The characteristics of market

The traditional areas still affects the development of the market, as the largest mobile communications card market in the application field and the fast-growing Asia-Pacific market achieve the sales growth. in addition, the field of financial services in the global EMV migration driven to achieve more than 10% growth. In the field of identification, the implementation of global electronic passport and the residence permit system ensure the growth in the field of space. Overall, the traditional smart card applications still affect the development of the global smart card market.

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