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The Impact Factors of Electronic Adhesive

Posted on January 28 2013 by Generally, the electronic adhesive with the higher viscosity has relativly large molecular mass with good heat resistance and the initial adhesion strength is high. in Heat Sink Paste, thermal paste substitute, electronic adhesive bonding

The electronic glue viscosity is an important performance indicator, such as the high demand of the bare chip (COB) technology to the glue cured heap and potting glue long plastic rheology requirements are the Heat Sink Paste degree requirements.

Heat Sink Paste

Generally, the electronic adhesive with the higher viscosity has relativly large molecular mass with good heat resistance and the initial adhesion strength is high. The products with high viscosity and low solid help to reduce the cost of product. However, in practical applications, the high viscosity of the electronic adhesive will often lead to mutual dissolution of the components in the production process more difficult, so that the rheology of the glue is poor.

Factors affecting the viscosity of the electronic glue

First, it is convenient for filler in regulating electronic adhesive degree. After choosing the filler according to the performance need, you can adjust the viscosity of the adhesive through the appropriate choice of particle size and mass fraction, to meet the construction process.

Second, the system viscosity obtained from the different types of the prepolymer is different, and in the precondition of satisfing the basic performance, we can make the appropriate choice of the prepolymer based on the needs of the electronic adhesive degrees with the thermal paste substitute, and by adjusting the mass fraction of the prepolymer, to meet the viscosity of the system and optimum performance requirements. Since the adjustment of the system viscosity is not very clear wehn the prepolymer mass fraction is more than 50%, therefore, in order to reduce costs, the mass fraction of the prepolymer generally will not exceed 50%.

Third, a coupling agent has the amphiphilic structure, which can improve the dispersion state of the inorganic powder in the matrix, in order to improve the rheology of the system, and an amount of 2% of the coupling agent is more appropriate.

Fourth, stirring allows system mixing, uniformity of performance, and we should choose the appropriate stirring rate and mixing time, in order to meet the desired physical properties.

Fifth, adhesive curing process is actually the process of e-adhesive degree change, and the mass fraction of the curing agent affects adhesive gel point balance from the system to the time (valid), so the amount of curing agent should be appropriate. We should keep these points in mind to make the better research in the electronic glue to take more shares in the market.

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