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The Development Trend of Stainless Steel Fastener in China

Posted on April 10 2013 by At present, China's agriculture, water conservancy and energy, transport, information, construction, environmental protection and other industries developed rapidly in stainless steel fixings, stainless steel wood screws, Stainless Steel Fasteners

At present, China's agriculture, water conservancy and energy, transport, information, construction, environmental protection and other industries developed rapidly, which requires a lot of machinery and equipment to meet the needs of the development of stainless steel fixings. With the industrialization and automation level, the equipment needs to support a large number of high performance and high reliability mechanical foundation element.

Compared with the international advanced level, China's machinery products technical level is relatively backward, mainly in product reliability, the whole life, quality and appearance of information on the technical level, those gaps are concentrated reflection of the technical level of the base member. China machinery parts manufacturers have been developed to thousands, but most of the products with low technological content, which cannot enter the key components of the mainstream market. It is expected that the future of China's mechanical fasteners will show the following trends:

The mechanical fastener enterprises cluster development will be presented. That is similar to the adjacent level of mechanical fastener enterprises gather together, which led to the local Association of mechanical fasteners, and gain a competitive advantage through continuous innovation. The mechanical fasteners cluster is the unique private small and medium enterprises play an important role, and they are attached to the leading enterprises for OEM production. And in special areas of both competition and cooperation, and gradually formed the industrial chain, such as the chain of stainless steel wood screws.

Stainless Steel Wood Screws

Machinery industry development and performance expectations of improved varieties of fasteners are more urgent. As the major technical equipment, large-scale, parameter limits, it needs to develop more new varieties of fasteners with high temperature, high pressure and radiation-resistant, corrosion performance requirements.

The faster development of information technology

With the further expansion of the mechanical fasteners enterprise market competition, the consequent emergence of enterprise information management thinking in how to effectively use and management of their overall resources, logistics, capital flow, information flow through the ERP computer network systems integration management, the core idea is to realize the "supply chain" tube Henan crushing mechanism. Real-time and accurately grasp the pulse of the market demand function, support enterprise groups, cross-border operation, its main purpose is the full deployment of all aspects of corporate resources and balance, suitable for global economic integration, diversification of customer needs, product production cycle shortened, market and competitive requirements of such an environment. This makes play the all-round potential of the enterprises in the fierce market competition, and companies can achieve better value for money.

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