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The Development Potential of Pulp Molding Tableware Market

Posted on April 11 2013 by Judging from the actual market situation of China's fast food box, on the one hand, public opinion and government authorities have strongly demanded the control of "white pollution" in molded pulp packaging, environmentally friendly packaging, Recyclable Paper Pulp Packaging Manufacturers

Judging from the actual market situation of China's fast food box, on the one hand, public opinion and government authorities have strongly demanded the control of "white pollution", and on the other hand, the pure polystyrene materials such as special cardboard and degradable plastics have long been a successful trial and accredited by the national food hygiene supervision and inspection by authoritative departments should logically can replace pure polystyrene boxes. Regrettably, however, the polystyrene material made of foam lunch boxes still occupy a higher market share in the market. So, how to promote the new products of molded pulp packaging meet the environmental requirements in the market, including the following aspects:

First, the technology of the molded pulp tableware

Technology affects product quality, and product quality directly affects the competitiveness of the company. The attention in the technical aspects and commitment is bound to make the company's product quality been significantly improved, while production costs will be significantly decreased, the bargaining power of the product price has also been strengthened, and thus enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. Relatively backward compared to China's industrial enterprises and foreign enterprises, to cooperate with the international advanced technology enterprise may be a faster way of technological development.


Second, molded pulp tableware integration

There are many domestic enterprises, companies and products vary in the quality, in order to gain greater market and interest in the industry, large enterprises within the industry is bound to be small and medium-sized enterprises will integrate mergers. The integration enables enterprises to gain more market share while enriching the product range, but also makes the technology of environmentally friendly packaging more diversified applications.

Third, the marketing of molded pulp packaging

The current situation molded pulp tableware industry is that there is not a business can occupy a market share with absolute advantage, thereby forming a leadership position in this market. The majority of enterprises in the industry will be the main market in the local and overseas customers in the domestic popularity are not high, resulting in the reasons for this is not enough publicity and market development efforts. Pulp tableware conforms to environmental policy, tableware market mainstream products. Is we want to occupy the market share, we need to have a certain influence, so it should increase the promotion of its own brand. The promotion of the brand can directly increase market familiarity to gain a larger market share and revenue.

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