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The Characteristics of Thermal Break Aluminum

Posted on November 7 2012 by Aluminum alloy doors and windows are the most advanced aluminum alloy doors and windows, and they are made of the wood window grille. in embossed aluminum sheet, aluminum rectangular tubing, Aluminum Company

The Material For Embossed Aluminum Sheet

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are the most advanced aluminum alloy doors and windows, and they are made of the wood window grille. Plastic steel door and window and a common color aluminum alloy doors and windows after the fifth generation of new energy-saving insulation of windows and doors. Its surface can be finished in a variety of colors. Bridge color aluminum alloy doors and windows of the structure is a combination of wooden window bars. The embossed aluminum sheet is also made of aluminum alloy. Environmental protection, firm and safe window, plastic steel door and window thermal insulation energy saving character is composed of two different sections through the energy-saving insulation and energy-saving insulation, also called nylon, its main role is to transfer heat between disconnected to prevent the hot and cold transfer rapid or slow heat transfer function. Its structure than ordinary aluminum doors and windows of complex, high cost, common color aluminum with insulation, thermal insulation energy saving in surface but do not paste processing.

The Definition of Aluminum Rectangular Tubing

Aluminum alloy door and window profile section thickness strictly abide by national standards. Wall thickness requirements must be in 1.4mm above, because the wall thickness is related to the assembly technology and composition of doors and windows of the safety problems. While the ordinary color aluminum windows and wall thickness is not too strict, according to the general market and processing doors and windows game of interest and decide, generally about 1.0mm.The broken bridge of aluminum rectangular tubing and a common color of color aluminum window and door assembly technology requirement characteristic: color aluminum doors and windows are broken through 1.4mm or 1.4mm above the wall thickness into 45 degree angle, corner with more than 3mm dedicated plug through the window and door assembly of complete sets of equipment. Extrusion orientation, while the ordinary doors and windows is the use of 1mm around the corner aluminum rivet connection, the safety degree of difference, but low cost. While the assembled color aluminum doors and windows adult standing walk also won't have a problem. Complete sets of equipment assembled out of and the use of manual assembly in the technical requirements are far. Special aluminum bridges and ordinary aluminum is not comparable.

The Broken Bridge Aluminum Introduction

The broken bridge aluminum doors and windows and aluminum doors and windows color design is not the same, the bridge design pattern atmosphere lighting transparent, according to the different space design, while the ordinary aluminum doors and windows are designed by conventional light transparency difference mining, broken windows open window design is design, special sliding sash hardware, and general aluminum any kind of hardware can be used, and beautiful bad. Broken window glass must be 5mm+9A+5mm double tempered hollow glass, while the ordinary color aluminum is generally a single home glass, so the broken bridge insulation effect is good. Combined with the bridge wall thickness, high strength, high alloy composition characteristics applicable to high-rise building high-grade residential quarters, resisting wind pressure bearing good heat insulation property is good, so the window broken and that senior airtight window.

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