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The Advantages and Disadvantages of LED Lights

Posted on October 29 2012 in China led lighting manufacturer, China led tube light manufacturer

Why LED Light Becomes Popular?

LED light is in small size and convenient to use, they are welcome by a large number of customers. There are many advantages in LED, including the light source of high luminous efficiency, less power consumption, long service life, high safety and reliability, and it is also beneficial to environmental protection and energy saving. LED lights are used in everywhere as the size is small and it is convenient for using, so these are the reasons why they become popular in the market. One China led lighting manufacturer told us that many people choose LED lights because of those advantages. The light source of high luminous efficiency, the less power consumption, the longer service life, high safety and reliability should be good characteristics for a light. LED technology is popular for making lighting tubes.

Other Advantages of LED

There are also many other advantages of LED. For examples, LED lighting contains no toxin and its emit have no ultra violet light, so they can avoid the bugs. The small bulbs will not generate much heat, so they are suitable for touching. As they will not cause radio frequency waves, they will not make any trouble to radios or television broadcasts. Although any change happens in design may improve this situation, they are also usually widely used in directional lighting rather than room lighting. They can also prevent the products from being broke by vibrations and shocks.

The Disadvantages of LED

There are also disadvantages of LED lighting. LED lights are very expensive, and they are heat sensitive so if they are not used in a steady or consistent current, they will stop working or fade away quickly. For example the China led tube light manufacturer will also avoid it. LEDs are often used in clocks and watches and indicator lights in cars. They have fast switching, so they are good in remote controls and lights that are turned on and off frequently. Their directional nature means they are best used under kitchen counters, in stairways and hallways, or as reading lamps, landscape lighting, and night lights.LED lighting comes in many forms, including screw-in light bulbs, flashlights, strips or clusters. They are as simple to install as other types of lighting and can be found where consumers buy other bulbs and lights. Those advantages of LED attract many led tube light manufacturers to make lighting tubes and they choose LED technology as their main developing direction.

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