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Some Aspects about Crystal Modern Ceiling Lighting

Posted on December 25 2012 by Today, crystal chandeliers are no longer the monopoly of the European court nobles. The charm of crystal chandelier lies in its unique cutting process and the innovative styling. in modern ceiling lighting, High Power LED, LED light fixtures

Styles of the crystal modern ceiling lighting

First, full of classic luxury temptation
The crystal chandelier has been favored by consumers, and one important reason is that crystal modern ceiling lighting has maintained those classic luxury style. Today, crystal chandeliers are no longer the monopoly of the European court nobles. The charm of crystal chandelier lies in its unique cutting process and the innovative styling.
Second, the variation of modern style
Society is developing and aesthetic awareness is also changing. With the development of modern science and technology, the crystal cutting is not just a single uniform machinery, and more modern point, line, surface permutations have been joined.
Third, the gorgeous neoclassical style
Neoclassical style is unable to copy the classical style in Europe, but was able to put retro, simplicity and luxury gorgeous incredible soft together. The neo-classical romantic style mood is more and more popular in young people, and crystal chandeliers is the combination of neoclassical style and the use of High Power LED to bring fans an incredible surprise.

modern ceiling lighting

Essential knowledge for purchasing the ceiling lighting

Style of crystal chandeliers should be coordinated with the entire indoor environment, decoration style, and generally the modern style living room layout is more suitable to select trendy type, type of geometric patterns, Art Deco Lighting. It is worth noting that due to the renovation of the building design and construction, there is the overall layout in the ceiling pattern and line, so the crystal chandelier style should be matched with the shape of the ceiling. In addition, at the same time the weight of the crystal chandelier should take into account and the load bearing capacity the ceiling must be at least doubled over the security of the insurance factor.
The size of crystal ceiling light should match with the space size, height degree. For example, in hall and lobby with wide space, a giant glass crystal ceiling light is hanging high in the central, not only to show luxurious and elegant environment, to focus people's attention, but also to highlight the taste, just the right atmosphere rendering.

The cleaning of crystal ceiling lighting

First, turn off the power, and remove the crystal ball in the crystal ceiling lighting one by one. And we'd better pad a cloth wrapped securely to avoid scratches on the ladder scratched crystal ball.
Second, place the removed crystal ball gently in a container, then add the right amount of water and cleaning agent, and cleaning one by one. When wiping bracket and accessories, the soft cloth should not dimed with water, particularly the alcohol to prevent damaging the protective film of plating layer, impacting surface glossy effect of the lighthouse.
Third, dry the water on the cleaning crystal ball with a dry cloth and then fix then up onto the crystal ceiling lights.
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