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Six common senses about PVC foam board

Posted on January 8 2013 by stick the crystal plate (generally sided colored acrylic plate), melamine board and melamine paper in the surface and in the part of the sealed edge in pvc foam boards, PVC trim board, foam boards

First, the PVC board can be molding by engraving machine according to the designs, surface, and then paste melamine board or paint can be chosen. But we should pay attention to the hollow foam board, if its surface is uneven, we can only choose the vacuum review mode way and the 2 mm pvc foam boards can be used as its material.

Second, bend-shaping is only applicable to a solid foam board, while the hollow foam board is not applicable. The processing method is to use the upper and lower dies, covering an aluminum plate on the surface of the wooden mold and the solid foam board is heated to a plasticizing temperature of 70 ~ 90 ℃, taking use of the upper and lower mold to extrude the shape directly and there foam will not be any change on the board surface.

white foam board

Third, in the extrusion manufacturing, the self-adhesive PVC can provide printing different patterns of wood grain in accordance with the demand on the surface, which can save unnecessary processing program.

Fourth, PVC trim board surface can be painted, and according to the handling methods, category can generally be divided into general paint, piano paint, and ceramic paint. In the piano paint processing, it will be coupled with anti-UV ingredients to avoid surface color changes; ceramic paint has advantage of hardness on the surface, which is excellent with anti-scratch advantages.

Fifth, another is a common way of processing, stick the crystal plate (generally sided colored acrylic plate), melamine board and melamine paper in the surface and in the part of the sealed edge, the most general possessing is automatic edge banding machine, while the automatic edge banding machine is divided into two kinds: wheel and crawler. The crawler edge banding machine is recommended to be used in the hollow foam board, which is less likely to cause the uneven situation in surface edge sealing, in addition, pressure adjustment is quite important, and the colors of foam board is also recommended to use the color which is similar to surface mount cover material to avoid contraction and obvious color difference like the pasting of melamine paper.

Sixth, the NC machines can be used directly for processed drilling. The density of the material can be decreased in accordance with the purposes desired to increase the air content of the foam board, to achieve the enhancement of insulation, sound effects and the effect of reducing costs. At present, there are vendors taking use of the vacuum molding in countertops or mainframe platform cover, but there is a disadvantage used in countertops forming, the wear surface resistant is poor.

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