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Shooting Ranges Become a New Leisure Hot Spot of the US-Chinese

Posted on December 20 2012 by The different sizes of the shooting gallery in Southern California have now become a popular favor leisure new place for many US-Chinese. in field targets, metal target, Metal Silhouette Targets

Shooting Range Becomes a New Tourist Hot

The different sizes of the shooting gallery in Southern California have now become a popular favor leisure new place for many US-Chinese. They race on to relieve the pressure, thrill-seeking, self-defense capabilities, and rushed to the shooting ranges. According to the United States, "World News" reported, the Southern California shooting gallery (Shooting Range) of different sizes becomes the new place of popular Chinese favor of leisure entertainment. Tired of playing video poker and visiting the club, many youths want to relieve the pressure, thrill-seeking, self-defense capabilities, and to bring their own guns and field targets to rush to the shooting range to race on. More Chinese mainland tourists in Taiwan in order to experience shooting experience, they take the shooting range as travel to the United States.

More and More Young People Love Shooting Sports

The person Joe who is in charge of an indoor shooting range in La Puente Valley Avenue said, the general shooting gallery has indoor and outdoor, targeting the type of fixed-point shooting, a mobile shooting and playing UFO. Indoor cheapest fixed-point shooting, no exclusive guns customers, including renting the target channel, pistols, protective gear, to buy bullets and metal target and per person per hour, spend an average of 40-100 RMB. People just have to bring proof of legal status are allowed to enter the shooting range, the staff will use to provide security for the first time to come to the people to explain. He disclosed that opened at the beginning of more than a dozen years ago, shooting range, the customers are mostly veterans, and players participate in shooting competitions and prepare police firing test police officers. And the last three or four years, the influx of more and more young people shooting range to become a "regular customers", the ethnic Chinese majority. Business Day is every day more than 100 customers, more weekend hundreds of people to patronize the target channel is difficult to come by, the guests are mostly students and office workers.

The Meaning of Rifle Practice

The GU students attending UCLA is the range regular, he thinks that the shot at heavy, huge sound make him excited, at first, although there is some fear, but soon he enjoy very much of the shooting process. Now he probably via voice, tell the bullet is launched from what firearms. Another purpose is also targeting to improve the awareness of self-defense, and the proliferation of U.S. gun inviting security risks, USC students killed is also corroborated. Therefore, he was considering buying a gun, so to advance the "training" to prepare. Chinese descent who lives in West Covina, Mr. Liu is also a hardcore shooting fans from last year, began to insist monthly to the shooting range "drills" once. He says that he has great pressure of work, could not find a good way of catharsis. Two years ago a friend from shooting range will be "addicted". Flat mentality breath from the constant gas aiming help regulate mood, more loneliness and joy and sense of accomplishment of the middle of the bull's-eye.

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