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Saving Energy with the Toroidal Transformer

Posted on March 20 2013 by Mains transformers are rated by output power, so 300VA transformer can supply 300VA no matter what effiency. in Mains transformers, ei core transformer, mains transformer manufacturer

Mains transformers are rated by output power, so 300VA transformer can supply 300VA no matter what effiency. Difference is how much power that transformer is drawing from wall outlet. 300VA transformer with 60% effiency needs 500VA from outlet, and 90% efficient transformer take 330VA. But amplifier has same 300VA available in both cases.

In most electronic equipment, a low-cost EI-core transformer is used, which is much less efficient than a toroidal transformer.

toroidal transformer

In electronic equipment, a transformer is used to transform the mains voltage to another (most times lower) voltage. The transformer also provides a safe separation between mains voltage and the electronic circuit.

In much equipment a transformer with EI-core can be found, mainly because of the low price of such transformers. The name EI-core refers to the shape of the transformer core, which is built up with E and I shaped metal plates. A disadvantage of the ei core transformer is the energy loss occurring in it, by which quite some energy is lost in heat production in the transformer. When using a transformer with toroidal core, the energy losses will be much lower.

The transformers were loaded with several load resistors, with loading power ranging from 5 to 40 Watt. The input power of the transformer is measured with a rebuilt energy meter. The difference between input power and output power is the energy loss which is converted into heat in the transformer. If we divide output power by input power, we get the efficiency of the transformer.

I replaced in my modem and aerial amplifier the EI-core transformer with a toroidal transformer as well as some other energy saving measures. Through this I save tens of kWh per year.

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This article come from:http://www.chinaphoneparts.com/index.php/saving-energy-with-the-toroidal-transformer.htm
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