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Programs to Increase LED Tube Service Life and Brightness

Posted on January 23 2013 by If LED tubes need to maintain the long life and high brightness, the problem to be solved is that the four key technologies: power, LED light source, cooling, security. in t8 led tube light, t8 fluorescent tubes, LED Light Manufacturer

If LED tubes need to maintain the long life and high brightness, the problem to be solved is that the four key technologies: power, LED light source, cooling, security.

1. Power supply

The first requirement for power is high-efficiency, high-efficiency products had low heat, and the stability is bound to be high. Usually isolated and non-isolated two programs are used for power section; isolated volume is too large, less efficient, which will create many installation problems in use, and don't have large market prospects as non-isolated products.

2. LED light source

The LED light source using Taiwan Okinawa Cummings patent structure, its chip is placed at the pin, thermal silver foot directly bring out the heat generated by chip node, which is qualitatively different with the traditional DIP products, and patch products in the heat; the nodes temperature of the chip is not cumulative, to ensure good use of the light source lamp beads, to ensure the long life of the light source LED, low light failure. Traditional patch t8 led tube light products connect positive and negative through chip gold, but also connect the heat generated by the chip over gold wire to the silver feet, thermal and electrical conductivity are conducted by gold wire, and the heat accumulated over a long time will directly affect the life of the LED Tube.

T8 LED Tube Light

3. Heat dissipation

Introduce and apply infrared heat radiation to fluorescent tubes is an important means to improve lamp life. In thermal considerations, we distinguish LED light source lamp beads cooling heat and power, not disturbing each other, in order to ensure the reasonableness of the heat dissipation. There are three ways of heat conduction, convection, conduction and radiation. In a closed environment, the convection and conduction are less possible to achieve, dissipate heat by radiation is key consideration for the tubes.

4. Security

Security, PC flame retardant plastic tube, because the infrared heat can penetrate the PC tube, when we design and consider t8 fluorescent tubes use, we need to pay more consideration to their safety, all-plastic physical insulation, that is to use non-isolated power supply can absolutely guarantee the safety of use. LED tube development has been quite a long time, from the energy-saving effect of view, its future application surface is quite broad, in addition to energy saving, their safety, the use of long-life is what we should be concerned! Safety is the first element in the design of the LED tubes.

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