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Notes for Battery Selection and Use

Posted on January 5 2013 by Choose battery products with "state inspection", "Chinese famous brand" logo, and local brand-name battery products, because the quality of these products has a certain degree of protection. in Vinnic batteries, carbon zinc batteries, China Battery Manufacturer

How to choose and buy the battery:

1.Choose battery products with "state inspection", "Chinese famous brand" logo, and local brand-name battery products, because the quality of these products has a certain degree of protection.
2.Select the applicable battery type and size specifications in accordance with the requirements of the electrical appliances, and buy the battery of electric appliances in accordance with the power consumption and characteristics of electrical appliances. 3.Note the production date and shelf life of the Vinnic batteries, purchase recently produced battery (new battery); the performance of a new battery is good.
4.Pay attention to check the battery's appearance, you should buy battery with exquisite packaging, neat and clean appearance, no leakage signs.
5.Pay attention to the sign of the battery, the battery shall be marked with production plant name, battery polarity, battery models, nominal voltage trademarks; sales packaging (such as two heat-shrinkable or four heat-shrinkable, or tag hanging card) should have Chinese site, production date and shelf life or indicate the deadline for the shelf life, the implementation standard number. When you buy alkaline manganese batteries, you should see whether the Model has ALKALINE or LR words.
6.Because the mercury in the carbon zinc batteries is harmful to the environment, in order to protect the environment, you should select batteries whose trademark labeled with "mercury-free", "0% mercury", "no added mercury" at the time of purchase.

Carbon Zinc Battery

Matters need pay attention in the use of battery:

1. The electrical and battery contacts should be clean, wipe with a damp cloth when necessary, and load correctly according to the polarity mark after drying. Please see the battery polarity when installing ("+" and "-"), the installation is very important. The recommended batteries should be installed according to the manual requirements of the appliances; it will result in appliance malfunction, damage electrical appliances and / or battery if not according to specification requirements.
2. All batteries in a battery pack should be replaced at the same time, do not mix old and new batteries; do not mix use batteries of same model but different electrochemical type or brand, otherwise it would be a set of batteries in use will be in over-discharge state, thereby increasing the possibility of leakage.
3. The disposable batteries cannot be renewed by heating or charging, otherwise it may explode.
4. The battery cannot short-circuit, in order to avoid the battery leak and heat insulation damage to packaging.
5. If the electrical appliances are not used for the long-term, then you should timely remove the battery, turn off power after use, in order to avoid the battery to continue to discharge and make its internal adverse chemical reaction to cause the leak.
6. Waste batteries should not be thrown away, separately put them from other garbage as far as possible.

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