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New Trends of Family Lighting

Posted on February 20 2013 by Furniture is the main instrument to create building atmosphere and artistic effect. Similarly, the lighting is a key factor in the creation of the built environment space. in led lights supplier, led panel light manufacturer, Led Lights Manufacturer And Supplier In China

Furniture is the main instrument to create building atmosphere and artistic effect. Similarly, the lighting is a key factor in the creation of the built environment space. The magic effect of light and shadow lighting projected on the object, and make people pay more attention to the design of modern lighting and lighting effects on the contrast of colors, materials, texture, and overall atmosphere of the impact of scientific research. Modern furniture design and modern lighting design is being integrated. The integration of modern furniture and modern lighting design has become the trend of modern furniture from the 1990s. The world-famous Italian Milan Furniture International Fair, Cologne International Furniture Fair, International Furniture Fair of the United States, they all regarded furniture and lighting as a whole series of design, displays, exhibitions and sales. More and more designers are showing great interest in supporting the overall design of the furniture and lighting fixtures, such as led lights supplier. The combined effect of many heavy elements morphology of modern furniture do blossomed. The lighting should pay attention to the effects of light, shape, color quality, structure and overall form.

 LED Panel Lighting

Trend 1: simple structure, fine workmanship, bright colors

Now, home decorative lamp design trend is more and more simple structure, fine workmanship, and bright colors. Just as we see more and more Italian furniture design style is very modern. And in today's world of high-end fashion style home with lights, the design is simple and focuses on reasonable, taking full advantage of the efficiency of lighting both which make the furniture and light source enhance each other's beauty. Not like the traditional concept of the kind of structural complexity, colorful, and bulky shape with ignoring the the light efficiency and full use of the lamps. This is the concept of a design revolution, even for led panel light manufacturer. At the same time, the design of such a high-end fashion fixture can meet the energy requirements.

Trends 2: beautiful, practical, personalized

The concept of the ideal home decorative lights will be beautiful, practical, and personalized. Emphasis on self and pursuit of individuality will become the first choice of many customers. The increasingly rich furniture and lighting on the market can provide customers with more choices, and customer orientation-loving personalization gives demands and higher requirements on the furniture and lighting, and procure furniture and lighting constantly combine as well.

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