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Ministry of Environmental Protection: Environmental Problems are Difficult to Deal With and Innovative Idea is a Must

Posted on December 17 2012 by We must be innovative in thinking, and this innovation is concentrated in three aspects: First is the source control, the second is comprehensive management and the last is prevention-oriented. in Disposable Tableware, Paper Tableware Manufacturer, Supplier

On the fourth press conference organized by the news center of the Eighteenth National People's Congress of the Communist Party of China, Zhou Shengxian, the Minister of Environmental Protection and Secretary of Party Committee said, it was very difficult to solve China's environmental problems, and we had to have innovative ideas, Shenling Biodegradable Tableware. Zhou said, during the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" period, we have outperformed the emission reduction task, and the concentration of pollutants has declined. It should be said that environmental quality has improved, and this is obvious to everybody.

He said, ammonia and nitrogen oxides pollutants control are added to the "Twelveth Five-Year Plan" on the basis of the original two main pollutants. Last year, the nitrogen oxides didn't fall but rise, and the delegates on the National People's Congress also raised the issue. After the meeting, we have taken a number of measures, mainly related to four aspects:

First, we conscientiously sum up the energy saving and emission reduction experiences and lessons in the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", and further strengthen the structural emission reduction.

Second, we vigorously promote the project emissions and newly arrange some emission reduction projects, so as to achieve new breakthroughs by big projects.

Third, we strictly manage the emission reduction work and carry out responsibility assessment.

Fourth, we further improve the environmental and economic policy, and introduce the law of value and the market mechanism to energy-saving and emission reduction work. Specifically, the denitration electricity price has played an important role, plus 8% of money per kilowatt is added to all denitration electricity.

In the first half of this year, the four pollutants began to decline after taking these measures, and the COD decreased by 2.11%, sulfur dioxide decreased by 2.72%, ammonia nitrogen decreased by 1.98%, nitrogen oxides decreased by 0.24%. Practice has proved that the right economic policy is the correct environmental policy. Once there is an environmental problem, we should find the cause from the economic policy. So, in the future energy saving and emission reduction work, we will make more use of market mechanisms and laws to solve the problem of energy saving and emission reduction.

"To explore the new road of China's environmental protection is a signpost leading to a beautiful China, this common view is formed in the study and practice of the specific scientific development activities, it is a new road of protection in development and development in protection of China's environmental protection," Zhou said, to solve China's environmental problems is very difficult, we cannot copy treatment after pollution pattern as the developed countries, because we cannot afford it, and even we follow that way and it will not work, Biodegradable Compostable Paper Dinnerware Manufacturer.

We must be innovative in thinking, and this innovation is concentrated in three aspects: First is the source control, the second is comprehensive management and the last is prevention-oriented. Its guiding ideology is development in protection and protection in development; the specific connotation is less cost, good efficiency, low-emission and sustainable; the fundamental requirement is to vigorously promote the historic transformation of environmental protection, to achieve the coordination and fusion of environment and economy; the basic goal is to establish and improve the six systems. This is the core content of the new road of China's environmental protection, which is also the specific requirement for the economic work.

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