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Led Tube Use and Purchase Notes

Posted on December 27 2012 by LED fluorescent light has begun to gradually enter offices, shopping malls, underground parking, which saves a lot of electricity, and also makes a contribution to energy conservation. in led tube manufacturer, led t8 tubes, led tube

The traditional fluorescent is replaced by LED fluorescent

LED fluorescent light has begun to gradually enter offices, shopping malls, underground parking, which saves a lot of electricity, and also makes a contribution to energy conservation. There are more and more units, schools begin to replace the traditional fluorescent with led tube lamp. Now we will introduce use and purchase notes for LED fluorescent as follows:

1. Humid environments need to carry out closed deal prior to use

Because LED fluorescent is indoor lighting, for the convenience to replace parts, it generally does not do waterproofing treatment; the internal LED fluorescent tube is a closed space, and it will be difficult to discharge once the moist air enters, thus the water vapor will be gathered more and more, which will corrode the inside electrical components over time, but also may cause a short circuit and damage the electrical components inside, or cause a fire.

led t8 tubes

2. Prevent inrush current

In circuit, the high-power motors, welding machines, electrical equipment and other large environment often have surge current, which is generally more than the ability of the LED power regulator circuit to regulate, and it may impact and failure at this time. This failure is usually beyond national voltage withstand standard, the manufacturer is entitled to give no compensation, this will lead to unnecessary losses, but also bring adverse consequences for the reputation of the led tube manufacturer, so when used in the above environment, the LED lights should the install the appropriate regulator adjustment device in advance.

3. Do not dismantle LED fluorescent tubes by yourself

Since most of the LED fluorescent uses non-isolated power supply on the current market, once disassemble LED fluorescent tube, an electric shock may occur. The wire or solder joint might be damaged in the disassembly process.

4. Check and replace the original fluorescent light panel and lampshade

As many customers carry out energy saving in response to emission reductions call, replace the old mercury-containing fluorescent lamps with environmental protection and energy saving LED fluorescent, and still use the original lamp panel and lampshade, if the lamp panel and lampshade have conductive short-circuit or lamp tube detachment fault over time, it will become a potential safety hazard. Therefore you need to check and replace the original fluorescent light lamp panel lampshade at energy saving reform.

5. Purchase the appropriate LED fluorescent products

If consumers need to understand the efficiency of LED fluorescent light, do not see the energy-saving level of manufacturers, because LED fluorescent product photoelectric efficiency of some manufacturers is 55LM / W and also marked with level 1 energy efficiency! Also pay attention to whether it is the entire lighting efficiency, whether it counts the power of the power supply, after all there are still many adverse LED manufacturers, choose LED lamp products from well-known manufacturers with reputable aftermarket security. At the same time, choose the appropriate wattage LED fluorescent and mounting density according to your own needs, both meets the demand and not pursuit for excessive illumination to waste electricity. Select the appropriate grade products, not blindly pursue for high-end products.

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