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Hydraulic Bending Machine Operating Processes Instructions

Posted on December 11 2012 by Adjusting the collision block II position can make the rising the slider to stay at the desired upper dead point position, which can shorten the travel distance of the slider. in hydraulic bending machine, hydraulic press brake, Plasma Cutting Machine - ACL Machines

1. Adjustment of the bending machine
a. Adjustment of the upper limit of the slider
Adjusting the collision block II position can make the rising the slider to stay at the desired upper dead point position, which can shorten the travel distance of the slider, reduce the work cycle time, thereby improving hydraulic bending machine productivity.
b.Adjustment of slider slow action
The switch block "I" touch when the slider down for slow motion, slow travel time can be adjusted according to adjustable potentiometer

1) Upper and lower dies gap adjustment (The slider must be stopped at the upper dead point)
2) Adjustment of the bending machine bending force
Calculate sheet metal bending force kN by the table or bending force, and calculate the indicated pressure P value, and then adjust the hand wheel of relief valve 8, so that the forces generated is slightly larger than the bending force fold kN value.
3) Backgauge distance adjustment
Backgauge is positioning motor for bending sheet metal in the length direction, whose motor adjustment is controlled by a button on the button, the adjustment values can be read out from the tachometer on the front button box, tachometer conversion value is 0.1mm / turn, and the hand wheel makes fine-tune.

2. Commissioning and operation of the bending machine
The calcium-based grease must be filled in all lubrication points before commissioning (see lubrication signage), adding 46 # hydraulic oil in the tank of the hydraulic system, the first time replace after one month, then replace oil according to the specific circumstances, minimum oil temperature is not lower than 15 ℃.
At the first test, start the pump motor group idling, then "jog" to test the action of the machine; subsequently test "Single" and "continuous" action and slide stroke, backgauge control performance, when the hydraulic press brake is running normally, you can operate by these steps.

3. Machinery repair, maintenance and troubleshooting
All personnel who operate and maintain the machine must be carefully read these instructions, seriously understand and get familiar with the main structure, performance and use of the machine in contrast with machine entities, carry out good recurring maintenance work, do the day-to-day use records so that you can refer back.

Hydraulic Press Machine

1) This machine must have the person to be responsible; the operator should be familiar and proper use the machine's operating procedures and checking the workpiece bending force
2) To maintain oil cleanliness and oil smooth flow, to avoid the pump suction making air pipes to vibrate, or the pipes burst and leak, while avoiding stuck and abrasions of hydraulic components.
3) The machines use dispersing lubrication, you should refuel in reference to the machine lubrication points indicate figure based on the work use (the left side of the machine wallboard has lubrication nameplate)
4) The workpiece bending forces are not allowed to be greater than nominal force
5) Do not be unilateral and single point load
6) Electrical and hydraulic components must be guaranteed with flexible action and the correct position
7) Initially adjusting upper and lower die gap according to bending sheet thickness, the gap is generally 1mm larger than plate thickness, the specific number can be adjusted in accordance with different thicknesses, but it must be greater than the thickness, in order to avoid mold crush due to gap.
8) The user must always be available to the spare wearing parts come with this machine.
9) If you find abnormal phenomenon or sound, you must immediately stop and find out the reason and inspect it.

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