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How to Select The Bending Machine

Posted on December 27 2012 by If most of the workpiece bending is 1250mm or less, then consider bending machine tonnage was almost halved, thereby greatly reducing purchase cost. in bending machines for sale, punching machine for sale, China cnc machines for sale

Selection of bending machine for sale

Selection of bending machine for sale a few issues to consider CNC bending machine and other equipment in the processing area and the process will vary in nature, as production of the manufacturers in the purchase of bending machines for sale when used as a comprehensive account of. The best from the machine end uses, known machines possible deflection variable, parts of the bending radius and carefully consider what to buy. So as a decision maker you have the responsibility to understand the equipment performance, processing, processing, machining precision and so on. Be no trivial matter. This responsibility, once the choice is undeserved, your production costs will rise, and bending machine is not expected to recover costs. Therefore, several factors must be weighed at the time of making the workpiece first worth considering important matters is you want to produce parts, point to buy a can perform processing tasks and work table shortest, at minimal machine. Careful consideration of materials is as well as the maximum processing length and thickness.

Different situation of bending machines

If bending with bottom die bending then greater tonnage bending machine. If most of the workpiece bending is 1250mm or less, then consider bending machine tonnage was almost halved, thereby greatly reducing purchase cost. Therefore the processing parts of the product length, to determine the new models of specifications are very important. Deflection bending machine in bending processing especially bending length size of the workpiece, the workpiece is sure to happen deflection longer deflection degree is bigger.

punching machine for sale
Punching machine for sale

Short machine requires less shim adjustment, and it will be able to produce qualified parts to reduce the shim adjustment and shortens the time of preparation. But now the CNC hydraulic punching machine for sale in production design have increased hydraulic deflection compensation function, reduces the production of an operation to the equipment adjustment, at the same time, improve the bending precision and production efficiency. Hydraulic deflection compensation function is controlled by CNC system, hydraulic oil through magnetic servo valve into the compensation oil cylinder, the worktable to top. At the same time deflection compensating force as the bending force is increased, to deflection compensation. Processing of materials is a key factor. Compared with low carbon steel, stainless steel required loading generally increased by about 50%, while the majority of material is soft aluminum side reduced about 50%.Standard bending pressure parameters from bending machine manufacturers, can get relevant data, the table shows in different thickness, different materials under each 1000mm length needed for bending force.

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