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How to Choose UPS

Posted on March 14 2013 by The UPS classification methods varied, according to the power size can be divided into large and medium-sized mistress power capacity in uninterrupted power supply, ups backup power, Everexceed is a leading manufacturer of uninterruptible power supplies

The Classification of UPS

The UPS classification methods varied, according to the power size can be divided into large and medium-sized mistress power capacity; the output waveform can be divided into square wave, trapezoidal wave or sine wave; according to the input and output can be divided into single phase into single-phase, three-phase to single-phase or three-phase to three-phase; according to the work principle can also be divided into dynamic UPS and static UPS two categories. Dynamic uninterruptible power supply is dependent on inertial flywheel stored energy to maintain the load power supply continuity, the uninterruptible power supply with heavy, large noise, low efficiency, long switching time and other shortcomings, has been replaced by a static uninterruptable power supply. Static UPS to batteries as the energy storage tool, city normal AC power is rectified into a DC electrical and electrical energy stored in the batteries, when the utility power is cut off by the inverter will be stored in the storage battery DC power into AC power to maintain power to the load. According to the different working modes, static UPS can be divided into the backup UPS, on-line UPS, online uninterrupted power supply systems and Delta transformation uninterrupted power supply four kind of types.


You should purchase only from the reputed manufacturer to be sure about the quality of device. You will also get a warranty of repair or service. There are several renowned manufacturers providing a comprehensive range of UPS as well as HT AVR, Variac, Transformers, and Stabilizers to beat all issues related to the electricity. Servo stabilizer manufacturers are one of them. All the products manufactured by this company are tested under strict quality tests and are ISO certified.

ups backup power

Power Requirement

It is also mandatory to decide that for how much time you want to provide the backup to your devices. It will help you the one which suits best to your requirements.

When purchasing a ups backup power dont forget to check about the cost of the product and comparing it with other brands. You need to visit from one shop to other for doing this rather internet has all the information related to it. There are many web portals and websites offering online purchasing of UPS. You can search and check it yourself. When purchasing online UPS or HT AVR remember to check the shipping cost and time it will take to reach up to you.

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