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How to Choose Right LED Tube

Posted on April 12 2013 by If you do not know when purchasing products, you may spend the ideal price but don't buy their ideal product. You can purchase LED tubes from the following aspects: profiles, power and chip. in China led tube, led tube lighting, LED Tube

There are countless corporate that produce China led tube on the market, but the product quality and performance are very different, which makes the foreign trade enterprises who do not understand the line, energy companies, engineering firms, foreign-funded enterprises Procurement Office in China and other non-professionals do not know how to distinguish the quality and performance of China led tube in the procurement process. If you do not know when purchasing products, you may spend the ideal price but don't buy their ideal product. You can purchase LED tubes from the following aspects: profiles, power and chip.

1. Profiles

Now there are basically two kinds of profiles on the market: all-plastic, half plastic half-tubes.

1) All-plastic lamp: early LED tubes used all-plastic tube, because they mainly use the non-isolated power, in order to avoid the risk of electric shock problem, people hope to use all-plastic lamp. The biggest problem of this fluorescent lamp is the cooling problem, because the heat is sealed in a tube, which cannot spread it out, the light decay is very serious, additionally the original life of the straw hat tube is very short, which will be bad in less than 2,000 hours.

2) Semi-plastic half aluminum tubes: the LED tubes sold by China led tube manufacturer on the market are basically this kind of half PC half aluminum, which uses plastic on the half part needs opaque and uses aluminum alloy on the other half which doesn't need light transmission and heat dissipation. Power is certainly inside the tubes, then LED's heat plus the heat of the power supply is quite large, because the highest power of such a lamp is about 25W. If the power is bigger, half tube cannot solve the heat problem.

led tube lamp

2. Power supply

LED tube light power is divided into built-in and external two kinds. The so-called built-in power supply can be placed inside the tube. The biggest advantage of this built-in the can be made into a direct replacement for existing fluorescent tubes, which doesn't need any circuit changes. So the built-in shape can be strip, in order to be inserted into the semi-circular lamp.

1) Non-isolated constant current power supply: non-isolate means there is direct connection at the load and input terminal, so there is the risk of electric shock if you touch the load. The advantage of the non-isolated constant current source is that the circuit design is simple; the manufacturing cost is not high. The drawback is that it will introduce the high pressure of the power supply to the load side, causing the danger of electric shock.

2) Isolated constant current power supply: Isolate means there is isolation transformer to isolate in the input terminal and an output terminal. However, both can isolate the input and output. The advantage of isolated constant current source circuit is the complex design, which can avoid the risk of electric shock. The disadvantage is that the efficiency of the power supply will be reduced, and manufacturing cost is high.

3) Chips Currently the chips used in led tube lighting are 3528, 2835, 3014 and other specifications, these types of specifications are mainly not the same in sizes, the chip cooling mode. The same brand chips may have the different package manufacturers, so the quality is not the same.

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