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How to Choose Door Handles

Posted on December 31 2012 by All material is more difficult to distinguish after surface treatment, the customer must ask. in door lock handle, Door Handle Supplier, Security Handle Locks Manufacturer

Be careful when buy the door handles

Due to the lack of national standards and general consumers'lack of knowledge about the quality pros and cons, most of the door handles on the market are the low-end goods, dealers seem to be more willing to purchase the bargains at ultra-low prices, while it will trouble the users. Therefore, you must pay attention to avoid future trouble when you buy the door lock handle.

1. Pay attention to the materials

Stainless steel:

Stainless steel tube should be thick, or it may be dented. It is recommended using touch and knock approach at the time of purchase. If it is a thin tube, it will quickly be warm when held by hands, thick tube is colder; tap thick tubes with fingers, the sound is crisp, thin tube will be more dull. Some bad manufacturers deceive customers by irrigation mud. There are many stainless steel grades, the price differs greatly. Try to use the AISI304 grade stainless steel produced by normal factory.

Brass, zinc alloy and aluminum:

Many Door Handle Supplier also use materials such as brass, zinc alloy and aluminum to produce door handles according to different process requirements and shapes. Be particularly noted that if withstand strong strength, zinc alloy material cannot be too thin, it is best to not be used for functional accessories. All material is more difficult to distinguish after surface treatment, the customer must ask.

2. Surface Technology

The large handle is used at front door, whether the surface process is good or bad can reflect the grade of interior decoration. Surface craft manufacturing costs may be sometimes even higher than the cost of raw materials, the raw materials of door handles with good surface craft will not be too bad. Observe surface craft from the following aspects:

1) Polished stainless steel should be the mirror-like cyan thorough, no pitting trachoma, silk pattern, if it is fog white, then the grade is lower. Brushed stainless steel pattern should be smooth, parts of the junction with the mirror must be straight, not hairy.
2) If the surface is plated, it will depend on the color of purity, whether there are pitting and other plating defects.
3) Whether the shape is upright, good process should be angular line rules, no glitches, or chipping, etc.

3. Accessories condition

Quality large door handle accessories size is precise, the tolerance of poor door handle accessories is large and rough machining. Generally, you can distinguish the processing of internal accessories unless you disassemble the handle apart. The material used by accessories is also very important. The quality handle screws and other standard accessories mostly use stainless steel, pumping junction is copper or stainless steel. Poor quality handle severely corrodes inside after a period of use, sometimes trying to remove the handle from the door is struggling. If the customer cannot install the door handle because of a screw, they will spend a lot of time and money to find such a combination of screws.

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