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How to Buy Foam Cutting Machine

Posted on January 21 2013 by Foam cutting machine, the so-called foam cutting is the processing equipment for chemical industries such as foam, sponge material. in foam cutting machine, hydraulic cutting machine, Cutting Foam

Foam cutting machine is mainly used for the cutting of the foam material

Foam cutting machine, the so-called foam cutting is the processing equipment for chemical industries such as foam, sponge material. At present, we generally use the high temperature of the laser machine for cutting, because the laser beam fine cutting is not easy to deform, smooth incision, no paste edge. The foam cutting machine is mainly used for the cutting of the foam material, which can cut rigid foam, flexible foam plastic is into square, rectangular, strip, and can input arbitrary patterns into the computer to be cut. It has high cutting efficiency, accurate cutting size and high accuracy advantages.

Foam cutting machine application prospects

Intersection the development of cutting machine, in point of view from the mechanical application of several general foam cutting machines, flame cutting machine features and performance are nearly perfect, the limitations of its material cutting (only cutting carbon steel pipe), slow cutting, low production efficiency, and its use is gradually reduced, there will not have large increase in the market.

Plasma foam cutter has a wide cutting range

Plasma foam cutter has a wide cutting range (cutting all metals), fast cutting speed, high efficiency features, the future direction of development is the raise of plasma power technology, numerical control system and plasma cutting match problem, for example, the source power upgrade can accommodate to cut thicker plate, CNC systems improve and enhance to adapt to plasma cutting, which can usefully improve work efficiency and cutting quality. Multifunctional foam hydraulic cutting machine uses the high-speed rotation mechanical wheel to intercept the paddles, with the cooling apparatus, which is used to take away the heat generated by cutting, thus avoiding sample preheat to change its organization. The cutting wheel of EPS cutter is directly fixed at the shaft of the motor, using the saw frame to cut the sample fixed in the jaws.

How to buy foam cutting machine?

1. CNC system

CNC system as the core component of the foam cutting machine, the quality and functionality determines the cutting quality and equipment operation stability. It is recommended that users purchase the CNC system provided by the manufacturer with technology R & D capabilities, and combine the original rack to use as far as possible;

2. Drive systems and methods

Foam cutting machine drive system is divided into stepper drives and servo drives two categories, from a practical point of view, taking into account the foam cutting machine is only the primary processing equipment, generally choose a stepper motor can meet the requirements; in drive way, foam cutting machine is available for bilateral drive and unilateral drive depending on the model structure, among which bilateral driven is mainly applied to the gantry foam cutting machine, which has higher stability;

3. Running rail

Foam cutting machines running rail differs depending on the type of cutting machine, generally the gantry foam cutting machine running rail has 24KG light rail and 38KG heavy rail. In addition, part of the small-format models can use T-shaped rail; the rest of the machine types, you can also consider choosing a linear guide.

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