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How Much Do You Know about Mattre

Posted on January 22 2013 by With the continuous advancement of the material civilization and technical process, the kind of mattress used by modern people gradually become more diversified in Latex memory foam mattress, pillow top bonnell spring mattressm, Spring Mattress Supplier

Types and Features of Mattress

With the continuous advancement of the material civilization and technical process, the kind of mattress used by modern people gradually become more diversified, there are mainly: spring mattress, palm mattress, latex mattresses, water mattresses, air mattresses and magnetic mattress. Among all these mattresses, the spring mattresses accounts for a large proportion of these mattresses. Palm mattress is compiled by palm, the fiber texture is generally hard, or hard with slightly soft. This kind of mattress price is relatively low. When you use it, you can smell its natural the palm smell, and its durability is poor, easy to collapse deformation, supporting performance is poor, and the not proper maintenance may lead to infestation or moldy. Latex memory foam mattress is made of polyurethane compounds, it is also known as PU foam mattress. It is soft, absorbent and strong, but it lacks of flexibility and breathability, it is easy to be wet. Spring mattress is the modern commonly used mattress with better performance. Its core is spring. The mattress has good elasticity, better supporting of highly breathable, durable advantages. Inflatable mattress: The mattress is made of sophisticated materials, environmental protection, safety, health care, easy to store, carry and convenient, suitable for home and travel. Water mattress is to use the principle of buoyancy, buoyancy sleep, dynamic sleep, and warm in winter and cool in summer, and it can play the hyperthermia role. Magnetic mattress is based on the spring mattress, and on the surface layer of the mattress, it is set with a special floppy disk to produce a stable magnetic field, and use the biological effects of the magnetic field, in order to achieve sedation, pain, improve blood circulation, reduces swelling role belongs to the health sexual mattresses.

Spring Mattress

How to Choose a Good Mattress?

In addition to purchase according to the brand identification card, there are still some methods to judge the pillow top bonnell spring mattress quality. The most important quality of mattress is the inferior spring and shoddy filler. When you are buying a mattress, don't forget to learn to check that, two pressure three mattresses to consumers. A look-see mattress whether the appearance of uniform thickness, surface roughness, line marks shapely and beautiful at the same time depends on the mattress with or without certification; the two pressure that hand pressure test mattress, first try the pressure mattress diagonal pressure uniform pressure test the mattress surface, filler evenly distributed, resilient balance better quality mattress, the best consumers can lay up to see it for yourself; the three detection mattress spring quality measures, qualified spring flapping under a good stretch, and slight uniform spring song, rust, poor quality spring not only flexible, often squeezed creaked, crunching noise.

The World's Top Ten Mattress Brands

A) SLEEPEEZEE LTD from London; B) SAVOIR BEDS LTD from London; C) SIMMONS PALACE BED from Marne La Vallee, France; D) SIMMONS BEAUTYREST WORLD CLASS from Atlanta, Georgia, the United States. E) SIMMONS BACKCARE ADVANCED WITH 3 - 2-1 DESIGN from Atlanta, Georgia, the United States; F) SERTA PERFECT NIGHT from Hoffman Estates, Illinois; G) SEALY from Trinity, North Carolina, North Carolina; H) AERO BED from Wauconda, Illinois; I) STEARNS & FOSTER TRIPLECASED from Lockland, Ohio; J) McROSKEY AIRFLEX from San Francisco, California.

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