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Functions, Units and Symbols of High-voltage Ceramic Capacitor

Posted on April 2 2013 by High-voltage ceramic capacitor is characterized by wear resistance and DC high voltage, suitable for high pressure bypass and coupling circuits. in high-voltage ceramic capacitor, capacitor manufacturers, Ceramic Capacitor Wholesale Manufacturer


High-voltage ceramic capacitor is characterized by wear resistance and DC high voltage, suitable for high pressure bypass and coupling circuits. The low loss high voltage wafer of high-voltage ceramic capacitor is of relatively low dielectric loss, particularly suitable for use in television receivers and scanning circuits.

High-voltage ceramic capacitor is mainly for high frequency. High voltage ceramic capacitors depend on what occasions they are used to. Their typical function is that they can eliminate high-frequency interference.

High voltage ceramic capacitor for use in high-power, high-voltage areas requires for a small size, high voltage resistance and sound frequency characteristics. In recent years as advances in materials, electrode and manufacturing technologies, high voltage ceramic capacitor has made considerable progress, and has become widely used. High voltage ceramic capacitor has become one of the indispensable components of high power high voltage electronic products.

High voltage ceramic capacitor can be mainly divided into power equipment for power transmission and distribution system, and equipment for processing pulse energy.

Because of particularity of the power system: high exchange voltage, high frequency, in the outdoor environment (-40 degrees to +60 degrees), large lightning voltage/current, all the various factors lead to the result that high-voltage ceramic capacitor has been in dilemma during the research and development, production process: bad environment requirements the capacitor has super strong stability, that is, low rate of change; while, measurement, power storage, and partial pressure products requirement high precision, which has a very demanding requirement on PD (partial discharge) of high voltage ceramic capacitor used under this environment: the PD is zero.

high-voltage ceramic capacitor

Units and Symbols

The basic unit of high-voltage capacitor is: f (Faraday). In addition, there are μf (Micro Faraday), pF (Pico Faraday). There is also a relatively unit used less, that is, nF (Nano Faraday). Due to the capacity of the capacitor F is very large, we usually see μF, nF, pF these units, instead of F. The conversions between them are as follows:



Capacitor symbols are also divided into domestic symbol representation notation and international electronic symbol representation notation. But the capacitor symbols are similar domestically and internationally, the only difference is on the polar capacitor. Domestic notation is an empty basket following with a horizontal line, while the international notation is a normal capacitor added a "+" symbol representing the positive pole.

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