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Function and Effectiveness of Foot Patch

Posted on October 30 2012 in Foot patch, detox foot patch

The Effectiveness and Principle of Foot Patch

Chinese medicine theory thinks that: there are three yins meridians and three yangs in the feet, and once the feet are drugged, the drug will transfer to the corresponding organs by Yin and Yang. Foot patch can promote metabolism, promote sleep, relieve fatigue, improve constipation, bad breath, and abdominal distention phenomenon; activated cells expel moisture to ease the pressure of the foot and joints. Foot patch are sticking in the feet, the plantar reflex zones are stimulated, blood circulation is promoted to provide sufficient power to the subcutaneous tissue of the transporter protein, percutaneous absorption of the drug in the role of transporter proteins, along with the blood circulation into the body of harmful substances transdermal exclude the effect of the transporter protein; harmful free radicals, also of the machine body and foot paste within ions combined to exclude the form of proliferation in vitro; the combination of the two forms of the body of the toxins can be effectively excluded in vitro, so as to promote body health.

Function and Mechanism of Detox Foot Patch

detox foot patch, by the function of plantar and related meridians and reflex zones, the bamboo vinegar essence ingredients to penetrate and to participate in the circulatory system, the cycle will be stranded between the cells in the body toxins adsorption reflex zone foot acupuncture points and meridians (or other joints) in waste, liquid waste and grease from the body's acupuncture points intercepted and troubleshoot department of bamboo bag, effectively remove body toxins and moisture, magical, stable, the long-lasting effect is visible or can be felt. In a short period of time, it can eliminate skin pigmentation, acne, improve constipation, eliminate bad breath, foot odor, lower blood lipids, blood pressure and blood sugar, improve skin gloss, and improve sleep quality and anti-aging. Paste in the joints can play a role in the elimination of pain and fatigue, has a very good effect on arthritis, cervical go far. The detox foot patches absorbs the human body's moisture, discharges toxins from plantar intuitive and it has visible effect. Detox foot patches suction out the unwanted moisture from the body, lymph, waste oil into the turbid liquid, when fatigue or you feel uncomfortable and pain, use it, the patch pockets will become brown or black, all waste oil, waste liquid is sucked out.

Tips to Select Foot Patch

Foot patch are widely manufactured by many manufacturers, the market research results show that many manufacturers in the South use poor quality pharmaceutical ingredients and gorgeous packaging to deceive consumers, this cause uncomfortable symptoms to many users. When select a foot patch, remember to choose those with good integrity, not just for the sake of low prices, the price of such health products will not be too high, but it is for the public, while majority of the ultra-low price products have problems.

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