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Fashion Trend of Tin Box

Posted on January 14 2013 by The packaging materials are various, and the annual replacement rate is very fast, however each packaging material has its own advantages. in custom tin box, food tin box, Custom Tin Boxes Wholesale

The rapid development of tin box

The packaging materials are various, and the annual replacement rate is very fast, however each packaging material has its own advantages. The design and development of metal packaging should be improved in conjunction with the custom tin box printing, processing characteristics, enrich and develop tin structure modeling, which is a practical approach.

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Several kinds of new tin boxes

In the past, the shape tin packaging took the rounded transition and later, tin is generally folded at right angles and the bottom of the box and the box body take only one iron, and the forming of box body takes the folding process, so that the four corners of the box are the right angle, and the mouth and the box body involute box volume the four corners of the lid at right angles to the box lid mouth folded and pressed, so that fusion carton shape and machining features, the tin packaging design shaped like a carton, changed the tin packaging The traditional image, giving a fresh feel. Another example is the hexagonal deep cover sets of well-formed box: small arc transition in the corner of the box body, obtuse angle is close to the standard, and then out of the bottom of the food tin box and the box body roll forming. The lid is also divided into two parts, the molding process of the lid is the same with the box body, the lid top is stretched to the outside, the stretched depth is in the same height with the inner bead, the lid body and the lid top volume meets lid top and cover the body of the upper edge of the flush, the cap top surface is flat, the same as the height of the box body and the lid body, and after the cover is closed, the integrity of the cartridge. This tin packaging combines the characteristics of the plastic packing tin shape, together with the elegant colors and patterns, giving a sense of elegant.

The innovation of tin packaging

Innovation of tin packaging shape can play the role of glow products vitality to attract the attention of consumers, so as to promote the product. We should select the shape of the object that you want to imitate based on the market positioning of product sales, and then simplify and concentrate the imitated discretion shape. Then combine the characteristics of tinplate processing, the designs, the shape of the contents to make some structural innovation, in addition, we should take the ease of use and security into account, so that the model contents harmonized consumer psychology. Give full play to the function of the tin packaging design trends.

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