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Expert Analysis for Car Central Locking Structure and Principle

Posted on December 3 2012 by The full name of car central locking is central control door lock. To improve the convenience and traffic safety of car use, more and more modern cars install the central locking. in car central locking system, remote central locking, Car Alarm China

Car central locking is commonly used

The full name of car central locking is central control door lock. To improve the convenience and traffic safety of car use, more and more modern cars install the central locking. Car central locking means the switch that is located next to the driver's seat; it is a control apparatus which can simultaneously control the close and open of the whole car door. The car central locking system has been fitted in the cars as early as in the 1970s, which has been applied more common after more than twenty years. Car central locking switch is usually installed in the door or on the center console.

Central locking functionality:

1. Central control: When the driver lock the car door next to him, the other door is locked, the driver can open each door at the same time or open a door alone by door lock switch.
2. Speed control: when traffic reaches a certain speed, individual door can lock independently, to prevent occupant misuse door handles and make the door open.
3. Separate control: In addition to the door by the driver's side, there is also separate spring lock switch for other doors dispose, which can independently control the opening and lock of a car door.

Central locking remote control principle

Central locking wireless remote control function is to remote open the door and lock the door with not insert the key into the keyhole, its biggest advantage is: no matter it is day or night, you don't need to proven keyhole, you can easily unlock (open door) and latch (lock the door) in long-distance. The basic principle of the remote central locking: send weak radio waves from the owner's side, the car antenna receives the radio signals, the electronic controller ECU identifies the signal code, and then the actuator (motor or electromagnetic manager laps) executes the lock/unlock action. The system mainly consists of a transmitter and a receiver two parts.

Central locking selection

Now central locking on the market is generally divided into general-purpose and special-type. The Universal type applies to most models, and the specific type is classified by models, such as the Santana dedicated, Jetta dedicated, Beverly special type; According to different starting ways, it can be divided into manual and remote control type; By appearance, it can be divided into short type, flat type and S-type. The central locking installed are generally remote, with a remote control plate spoon, it is able to control the opening and closing of four doors and the trunk door. It is very convenient; you just need to gently press the remote control. Any car can be installed with central locking; voltage requirement is 12V, while the central locking for trucks requires 24V voltage. Many types of central locking do not use the two-track and anti-stuck design, allowing owners to use at ease.

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