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Electrical Wire Basic Common Sense and Purchasing Skills

Posted on March 13 2013 by There are a lot of electric wires varieties on the market; we should purchase the appropriate wire according to our own electricity load. in wholesale hdmi cable, electrical wire supplier, Hdmi Cable Wholesale

Purchase common sense of electric wire

There are a lot of electric wires varieties on the market; we should purchase the appropriate wire according to our own electricity load. Some wires sold on the market are cheaper and some are more expensive, some people often choose cheaper, but cheap wholesale hdmi cable often cannot meet the performance he said, it is likely to bring a lot of security risks if you buy this line. Wire production technology content is not too high, not much difference in raw materials, if it is too cheap, then the material is inferior quality, or the cross-sectional area is not enough. So how do you tell it? I'll give you a few more practical methods to distinguish:

1. Look at the packaging. Neat disc type, excellent packaging, the electric wires whose project on the certificate (trademark, the name and address, telephone, specifications, cross-section, inspectors, etc.) is complete and printing is clear are generally produced by large electrical wire supplier, most of the big manufacturers will comply the relevant national standards, so the quality is reliable.

2. Compare cores. Unpacking and simple look the cores inside, compare the wire cores of the different brands of the same nominal, the skin of two kinds of lines is obviously too thick, the thick-skinned brand wire is unreliable. Force to pull the line leather, not easily torn is general national standard.

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3. Burn by fire. Remove the fire source after the insulation material is ignited, it has a certain flame retardant function if extinguished within 5s, and it should be the GB line.

4. Look at the inner core. The inner core material (copper), the more light the more soft, the better copper. GB requires the core using pure copper.

5. See printing on the wire. State regulations the wire must be printed with logo, such as product type, unit name, logo maximum intervals should not be more than 50 cm, the wire with clear printing, interval proportioned is the GB line made by large manufacturers.

Problems need pay attention at wire installation

1. Please check the wire insulation or jacket appearance, to prevent improper transportation or care causing the injury, affecting the use.

2. Wire should not be laid at less than 0℃ room temperature. Bending radius should not be less than six times the outer diameter of the wires, to prevent cracking.

3. Wire long-term allowable working temperature should be not more than 70℃, the special specifications (flame retardant or fire-resistant line) is in exception.

4. Choose suitable ampacity conductor cross-section, depending on the size and use of the transmission line current and the ambient temperature, to ensure safety. Indoor lighting line (two-phase) can use BV1.5 square millimeter, power outlet (less than 2000W circuit, three-phase) can use BV2.5 square millimeter. Air-conditioner circuit (three phase) generally uses 1.5 mm2; more power should use 2.5 square millimeters or even greater cross-section wire.

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This article come from:http://www.chinaphoneparts.com/index.php/electrical-wire-basic-common-sense-and-purchasing-skills.htm
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