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Eco-friendly Biodegradable Tableware is Difficult to Promote

Posted on December 27 2012 by Thirteen years ago, China has banned the widely use of disposable plastic tableware, but despite the white foam pollution is banned but it still exists, seeing our country has become a white foam alternative. in biodegradable tableware

Biodegradable Tableware Industry Status

Thirteen years ago, China has banned the widely use of disposable plastic tableware, but despite the white foam pollution is banned but it still exists, seeing our country has become a white foam alternative - environmentally friendly paper products production base in the global, but it is ironic that the commodity produced from this the base, more than 95% of the them are exported to Europe and the United States and other developed countries and regions, those that can be sold in the domestic market share is just very little. Survey by the reporter found that, under the pressure of the financial crisis, the environmental protection industry, as one of China's strategic emerging new material industries, the domestic paper environmentally friendly tableware products companies must constantly develop safer and more environmentally friendly paper tableware, and take efforts to improve product quality to occupy a place in the market. Shenling Environmentally Friendly Packing always insists on the research and development of environmental friendly biodegradable tableware and committed to win the market by high quality.

Biodegradable Bowl

Disposable Tableware is Difficult to Eliminate

The people in the industry for the production of paper tableware have the habits: they never use the fast food packaging and the polyethylene plastic tableware, because they know that more than 99% of the fast noodle box-shaped cardboard tableware packaging products must pass the curtain coating surface treatment process in order to have the function of water and oil repellency, which commonly known as "waxing". In 1999, the Economic and Trade Commission of China was issued the documents against "white pollution". Government departments in 2001 again emphasized the prohibition of "white pollution". The main content of this official document and all levels of government white pollution said: prohibit the use of disposable plastic products that is non-biodegradable. Disposable foam plastic dinnerware that is ranked in the products listed, the phase-out period is 2000. However, a variety of disposable tableware wholesale is still sold in many markets.

Paper Biodegradable Tableware Export Pressure

Now there are more than 100 paper tableware manufacturers in the country, but 99% of the markets are all in Europe and the United States. U.S. government makes efforts to promote the "forbidden white make enforcement", the first time is warning, the second time is heavy penalties, and the third time is to revoke the business license, and operators of such environmentally friendly products market has expanded each year, in the United States, most of the one-time tableware is paper products, if provided by the manufacturer of polyethylene plastic tableware it must be responsible for 100% recovery. However, in the domestic paper tableware sales accounted for only disposable tableware 2% of the market. The root cause of the white foam lunch boxes of environmentally friendly paper tableware lost to the disposable tableware market is price, the white foam lunch boxes are only 0.1 RMB, while a paper lunch box price is 0.25 RMB, which is 2.5 times that of the former. In addition, pressure of paper tableware exports increases, and the enterprises hope for domestic market share.

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