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Development History of Smart Card

Posted on March 14 2013 by IC card is short for integrated circuit card, and in some countries it is also called "smart card", chip card, and so on. in smart card supplier, contactless ic card, Smart Card

Smart card is a kind of IC card. According to different types of embedded chips, IC card can be divided into three categories: memory card, logic encrypt card and CPU card. IC card is short for integrated circuit card, and in some countries it is also called "smart card", chip card, and so on. A dedicated integrated circuit chip is embedded in a PVC (ABS) plastic substrates meeting the ISO7816 Standard, then is encapsulated into a shape similar to the magnetic card, and that is an IC card. Of course it can be encapsulated into buttons, keys, jewelry, and other special shapes by the smart card supplier.


IC card idea was initially raised by the Japanese. In December 1969, Kunitaka Arimura from Japan proposed a method of manufacturing reliable and secure credit card and received the patent in 1970, which was then called ID card (Identification Card). In 1974, Roland Moreno from France invented a plastic card with an integrated circuit chip, and received the patent, which was the early IC card. In 1976, Bull Company in France developed the world's first IC card. In 1984, France PTT (Posts, Telegraphs and Telephones) used contactless ic card for calling cards. Thanks to good security and reliability of IC card, it got an unexpected success. Subsequently, the United Technical Committee of ISO (International Standardization Organization) and the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission) developed a set of international standards and norms, which greatly promoted the research and development of IC card.

Compared with identification cards ever before, IC card has the following characteristics: first, high reliability. IC card has antimagnetic and anti-static, mechanical damage and chemical destruction prevention capacity. Information can be saved for more than 100 years. Read and write times are of 100,000 or more, for at least 10 years; the second is safe; third, large storage capacity, and the forth, various types. From a global perspective, now application range of "smart card" is no longer limited to the early communication, but is widely used in finance, social insurance, traffic and tourism, health care, public administration, retail, leisure, school management and other areas.

The IC cards are more and more popular and our life cannot leave it now, and it is widely used in the various industries of our society, so it is the excellent opportunity to develop the technology to capture the market.

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