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Correct Routine Auto Parts Maintenance Gives More Health to Automobiles

Posted on March 4 2013 by Vehicle maintenance has two aspects, one is the mandatory maintenance provided by the maintenance station for you. On the other hand, it is the day-to-day maintenance made by the owner. in front diffuser Forester parts, Forester parts manufacturer, Subaru Forester parts

Importance of routine maintenance work for vehicles

Vehicle maintenance has two aspects, one is the mandatory maintenance provided by the maintenance station for you. On the other hand, it is the day-to-day maintenance made by the owner. The normal maintenance of the vehicle is related to the life of the vehicle and the safety of the driver and passengers. Improper maintenance or use of front diffuser Forester parts will lead to the failure of the vehicle, bringing a security risk. Therefore, in addition to go to the repair station for the mandatory maintenance on time, you should also do routine maintenance work on your own, which is beneficial for the vehicle "health".

1. Engine oil check
Park the vehicle on a level road. Pull out the vernier to check the amount of oil, if the oil amount is within (F) and (L) two markings, it is within the normal range, if less than (L) bits, then you should add the specified type of oil, the liquid level after refueling cannot be higher than the (F) bit.

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2. Engine coolant level check

When the engine is in the state of the heat, do not open the radiator cap, or you may be spilled by coolant or burned by high-temperature steam. After the engine is cooling, check coolant level, which should be between the full and low bit, otherwise it should be added with distilled water or purified water (cannot add mineral water) or frozen liquid, the liquid level after you add water cannot exceed the full bit. If you find the coolant reduces quickly within a short period of time, then you should check whether the cooling system leaks or go to the Forester parts manufacturer to examine.

3. Brake liquid level inspection

When the braking is between high and normal low bit, it is normal. If the brake fluid is close to the lower limit or below the lower limit, it means the system may have a leak or brake shoe wear too much, then you should go to the repair station for overhaul. When adding brake fluid, note to add the same type of brake fluid, to prevent damage leather cup, pay attention to protect the paint to prevent corrode paint.

4. Clutch master cylinder liquid level inspection

It is normal if the clutch liquid level is between the high, low liquid level, if less than the standard line, there may be damage to the master cylinder or wheel cylinder sleeves. It will appear hanging file difficult or cannot be linked to the file when the engine is in the running state, immediately go to the nearest repair station for maintenance.

5. Battery maintenance checks

Check whether the battery is firmly fixed, and the electrolyte should be between the upper and lower limits, should timely add electrolyte or distilled water to the high line when it is close to the lower limits. Keep good contact with the battery positive and negative cables, and keep the battery clean and dry. The vehicles placed longer should take off the positive and negative battery cables, rewire and start the engine for about 20 minutes apart after about half a month, timely charge if the power is obviously insufficient.

6. Tire checks

Monthly check tire pressure at room temperature, if it is below the normal standard, then you should replenish tire pressure on time. The air pressure should not be too high or too low, or it will affect the safety of driving. Check the tire cracking; timely replacement tires when there are security risks. Make the same model at the selection of tires.

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