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Comprehensive Analysis of the Trends of China's Medical Device Market

Posted on March 13 2013 by Only from the coverage point of view, this system has been regarded as the world's largest basic medical insurance system. in advantage medical cables

The popularization of medical device market

Only from the coverage point of view, this system has been regarded as the world's largest basic medical insurance system. The increase of coverage also stimulates the demand for basic medical equipment, such as the township hospitals, county hospitals and other health corners also enjoy the support of national policy, and have started to be equipped with the medical equipments, such as EGC wire. The wave of popularity of medical equipment has arrived. Three medical institutions of the government's plan surfaced, some of the previous low-end hospital less purchases of equipment, such as monitors, and clinical demand began to increase rapidly, bringing a huge market opportunity.

The fervorization of the medical machine

Slowdown in overall economic growth of the economic crisis and the rapid growth of the new health care reform bring by the medical market are the two contrasting phenomenon in recent years. The anti-cyclical characteristics and relatively high profits of medical industry attract a large number of big companies which have no medical equipments originally, which has become a bright spot in recent years.

Medical wire and cable

Localization of the glass machinery in China

For foreign companies, the localization in the future is no longer the essential selection, but a process of advantage medical cableswhich must be carried out. Localization team, localization production, the localization R & D is the trend for the next 10 years. Large medical device companies, such as GE, have already started the localization process a few years ago, and in recent years has also been the localization process advancing and deepening, has reached a considerable depth, can be said to be firmly rooted in the Chinese market.

The standardization of the industry

Government funding and financial support are extremely common for procurement at the grassroots level, and the procurement of government funding generally take the form of large-scale government tender or centralized bidding, With grassroots purchasing medical equipment sales accounted for the proportion gradually increased, we can foresee that the Government The proportion of large tenders and centralized bidding will be a corresponding increase in the entire bidding process will be more standardized and processes. Sales link will be shortened, and the agents of the decline in the importance of the role of agents will vary, the manufacturer will bear more responsibility for marketing and publicity, more direct contact with the government, the agent assume additional roles, such as logistics, distribution, Products profits will inevitably decline. But standardization will be a better business environment purification industry, and to promote parties will focus on how to improve product performance to better meet patients' needs come, there will be positive in promoting the new health care reform.

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This article come from:http://www.chinaphoneparts.com/index.php/comprehensive-analysis-of-the-trends-of-chinas-medical-device-market.htm
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