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Composition and Parts Functions of Solar Panel

Posted on April 12 2013 by Toughened glass: its main function is for the protection of the main power generator (such as battery pieces). It has requirements for selection of light transmission in 500w solar panel, wholesale solar panel, High Quality Solar Power System manufacturer in China

(1) Toughened glass: its main function is for the protection of the main power generator (such as battery pieces). It has requirements for selection of light transmission:

1. The transmission must be high (generally above 91%);
2. Super white toughening treatment.

(2) EVA: is used to bond and fix toughened glass and the main power generator (battery pieces). Whether the transparent EVA material is good not or directly affects the life span of components. EVA exposed in air is easy to age and turn yellow, and affect the light transmittance of components. Besides, it will affect the power quality of components. Except for EVA quality, lamination technology of component manufacturers also has large influence, such as substandard EVA degree of crosslinking, and low bonding strength between EVA and toughened glass will cause EVA early aging, and shorter component life span. EVA is a very important part of a 500w solar panel.

(3) Battery pieces: its main role is to generate electricity. On the electricity generating market, the mainstream products are crystalline silicon solar cells and thin-film solar cells, both of which have their pros and cons. Crystalline silicon solar cells cost relatively less, but cost much more for consumption. However, it enjoys high photoelectric conversion efficiency, which is appropriate for generating in the outdoor Sun. Thin film solar cells, with relatively high equipment costs, enjoys low consumption and battery costs, but its photoelectric conversion efficiency is only half of crystalline silicon solar cells'. It enjoys very good low light effects. Even in normal light it can generate electricity, such as the solar cells in a calculator.

(4) Rear panel: it is used for sealing, insulating, and water proof. Generally it adopts TPT, TPE materials, which must be resistant to aging, Most of the component manufacturers have quality guarantee for 25 years. Toughened glass and aluminum alloy generally have no problem, and the key is whether the rear panel and the silicone meet requirements or not.

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(5) Aluminum alloy: protect the laminated parts, providing seal and supporting effect.

(6) Terminal box: protect the entire power system as a current transfer station. If the component suffers short circuit, the terminal box will automatically disconnect short cut battery tray to prevent burnout of the entire system. The most essential part in the terminal box is the selection of diodes. According to different cell types of the components, the corresponding diodes are not the same.

(7) Silicone: it is used to seal components and aluminum alloy frame, components and the junction of terminal box. Some companies use double-sided adhesive tape or foam instead of silicone.

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