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Common Sense for Buying LED Tube Lights

Posted on December 11 2012 by Choose the right color temperature. LED fluorescent installation location is high, you can buy the high color temperature, such as: 6500K - 7000K. Light color seems a bit bluish. in LED tube lightin, LED T8 tube light, LED Tube

LED tube lights are more and more widely used

LED is rapidly moving toward the market because its light-emitting principle is better than the traditional incandescent and fluorescent lamps, energy-saving, environmental protection and health, especially led tube lamp China, increases at an annual of 40%, going to the shopping malls, schools, hospitals and factories. The schools and hospitals in individual districts almost popularized LED tube lights. Now we will introduce the notes for the purchase of LED tube lighting as follows:

1. Choose the right color temperature. LED fluorescent installation location is high, you can buy the high color temperature, such as: 6500K - 7000K. Light color seems a bit bluish. As LED light efficiency is relatively high, despite a bit harsh, because it is installed high, the chance to direct exposure to the eye is very small. If the installation location is low, there will be more opportunities to direct expose to the eyes, then you should choose the low color temperature, which is close to daylight, such as color temperature: 5500K - 6000K. As the light is softer, eyes feel comfortable.

2. The selection of LED light tubes also needs to consider the appropriate power. The LED tube with the same energy consumption is different in its luminous flux. Select high-quality, large luminous flux LED led tube lighting to replace the traditional fluorescent lamp can consider installing less. Do not substitute 1:1 with the traditional fluorescent. In this way, the tube will be more energy-efficient. In order to save energy and protect the health of workers, the production workshop of a company in Dongguan first install high-quality 18W LED fluorescent light in the workshop produced by our company, which is brighter than the original brand fluorescent energy saving lamp 40W, and finally the effect difference with the original two traditional fluorescent is small.

T8 LED Light Tube

3. Choose the right appearance: the general LED fluorescent is still stuck in the traditional fluorescent stage in the concept of users. So, no matter what the situation is, it requires the light to be the same with traditional fluorescent. The t10 led tube add soft board in the LED tube, making the light looks like the same as traditional fluorescent. In fact, the soft plate has loss to light energy, which is generally between 15-30%. If the installation location is higher, eyes are not easy to be often irradiated, then you can consider a transparent cover, otherwise selecting low power small LED fluorescent light will be more energy efficient.

4. Choose the right type of fluorescent tubes. Fluorescent lights use low power SMD lamp beads, the overall calorific is not too much. But if there is better heat dissipation, the light fades will be further reduced and the life expectancy will be increased. The LED fluorescent appearance is large, the radiator area is much larger and heat dissipation is much. If possible, try to use T10 \ T8 tubes. Of course, T10 tube shape is larger and its cost is also high, based on experience, LED T8 tube light is the most appropriate. T4 \ T5 are smaller. Especially T4 tube, you cannot choose large high power. Select appropriate led tube according to the specific workplace.

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