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Combination Trend of LED Lighting and Solar

Posted on January 17 2013 by The PV industry in China has once been regarded as a star industry, but because it undergoes the Europe and the United States anti-dumping and becomes worsened. in LED light fixtures, High Power LED, outdoor LED light

Solar Photovoltaic Industry Joins Hands with LED Lighting

The PV industry in China has once been regarded as a star industry, but because it undergoes the Europe and the United States anti-dumping and becomes worsened. And the LED industry, under the dual pressures of overcapacity due to unbearable debt crisis in Europe and the continent, temporarily withheld its light. A lot of solar photovoltaic technical enterprises combined and join hands with the modern high-tech solar and LED lighting applications, the products are including solar LED street lights, LED lawn lamp, and LED garden lights, etc. Excessive subsidies by the Chinese government, China's solar photovoltaic industry production prices are low, and it has a strong competitive force on the market in Europe and the United States, and now China's domestic markets of LED light fixtures are still very busy, and this for many photovoltaic industry businesses is a golden development period.

LED light

Combination Concept of Solar Energy and LED Lighting

As we all know, the most important feature of the LED is energy-saving, environmental protection and long life. Its service life is up to 50,000 hours, and becomes a new generation of green lighting product. If LED lighting is combined with solar photovoltaic, it will form a more energy-saving and environmental protection and green lighting product. High Power LED need the drive power to convert alternating current to direct current to use the electricity generated by the solar photovoltaic DC, if it is in conjunction with LED lighting products, then we can reduce the less power driver, this is not only cost-saving, and can eliminate the need for complicated conversion sectors, more important, the inexhaustible solar energy can be directly converted into electrical energy, to achieve more energy-efficient, environmental protection, safety and effect.

Low Solar Power and High LED Lighting prices

Of course, there are a lot of problems in the development process of LED lighting and photovoltaic industry. The biggest problem is that solar power is not enough to convert solar energy, and lighting power is not high, outdoor lighting will be affected to a certain extent, but as the technology continues to improve and progress, this deficiency will be improved. LED lighting, solar photovoltaic price are plagued. At this stage, the cost of solar photovoltaic is at a relatively high level, accounting for 20% -25% of the price of the whole lamp. But in the future, after the combination of LED lighting and solar photovoltaic, the industrial scale price will fall to a reasonable level.

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