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Classifications of SFP Optical Transceiver

Posted on June 9 2013 in SFP optical transceiver

Rate Classification
In accordance with the rate, there are 155M/622M/1.25G/2.125G/4.25G/8G/10G SFP optical transceivers, among which 155M and 1.25G are used widely on the market. 10G SFP technology is becoming mature, with rising trend development of demand.
Wavelength Classification
According to the wavelength, SFP optical transceiver can be divided into 850nm/1310nm/1550nm/1490nm/1530nm/1610nm. The one with 850nm wavelength is SFP multi module, while SFP single module is of transmission distance below 2KM and the wavelength 1310/1550nm. In addition, it enjoys transmission distance more than 2KM. These three wavelengths are sold on relatively cheaper price than the other three.
Nude modules without identity are easy to be confused so that manufacturers will generally distinguish them on the color of the rings, such as: black ring for multimode, of wavelength 850nm; blue is module of wavelength 1310nm; yellow is module of 1550nm wavelength; purple is module of wavelength 1490nm.
Module Classification
Almost all of the multimode fiber sizes are 50/125µm or 62.5/125µm, and their bandwidth (fibre information transmission quantity) usually are 200MHz to 2GHz. Through the multimode optical fibers, multimode optical transmitter and receiver can transmit for 5 km. SFP multimode module adopts light emitting diodes or lasers as the light source. Their ring color is black.
Single Module
Dimension of single module optical fiber is 9-10/125µm, and compared to multi module optical fiber, it has unlimited bandwidth and low loss. Single module optical transmitter and receiver are mostly used for long distance transmission, sometimes reaching 150 to 200 km. It adopts LD or LED of a narrow spectral line as light source. Its ring colors may be blue, yellow, or purple.
Differences and Relations
Single module fiber optic is cheap, but single module device cost much more than the same type multi module devices. Single module devices can usually run in both single module optical fiber, and multi module fiber, while multi module devices are restricted to running on the multimode optical fiber.
10G SFP optical module has been through development of 300Pin, XENPAK, X2, XFP, ultimately achieving to transmit 10G signals by the same size with SFP, and this is SFP+. SFP, by its virtue of small size and low cost, meets the high-density requirements of devices to optic modules. Since 2010, it has replaced XFP and become the main stream in 10G market.
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