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China's Air Conditioning Industry Enters Africa Market

Posted on December 18 2012 by In the context of traditional European and American markets are getting weak, the African market is becoming a bonanza of Chinese air conditioning companies. in Air conditioning units, commercial air conditioning, Air conditioning units Manufacturer & Supplier

Decline of Chinese Air Conditioning Exported to Europe

In the first half of 2012, by the impact of the European debt crisis continues to simmer and the slowly U.S. economic recovery, the pace of China's air conditioner exports slowdown, the export volume is just 31.33 million units, a decrease of 1.7% compared with the same period of last year. The reason that led to the slowdown of China's air conditioner footsteps is the sharply decline of air conditioning units to U.S. and European markets. At the same time, however, market demand of Chinese Air conditioning units in the African has risen sharply. Customs data shows that China's air conditioner in the first half of 2012 exports to the African market reached 2.18 million units, with a year-on-year increase of 70%. In the context of traditional European and American markets are getting weak, the African market is becoming a bonanza of Chinese air conditioning companies.

Air conditioning units

Huge Market Potential of Air Conditioning Units

The African continent, with a population of 900 million, is a new world full of business opportunities for Chinese air conditioner manufacturers. In recent years, the African commercial air conditioning market grows with an annual basic rate of double-digit, the growth rate in the world belongs to the forefront, this is also an important reason for many Chinese enterprises have to look and target at the African market. Data shows that the first half of Chinese exports to Africa air conditioners increased by 70%. The export volume of the number of some countries in the African market achieves a growth of over 100%. Currently, the air conditioner market foundation for the development of African countries, such as Algeria, Egypt, South Africa, Tunisia, Nigeria, Libya, better has formed a certain scale and development environment and in addition to these countries have a certain market-based, other air conditioning market is in the early development of the rest of the African countries is in a blank period and wait for Chinese enterprises to develop.

Air Conditioner Factories and Trade

Air conditioning companies of China gains a foothold in the African market mainly due to the good bilateral relations between China and African countries, and it also benefits from Chinese companies' courage that dare to open up new markets. China air conditioning business-to-business development in Africa mainly takes in two modes: export trade and the other is a local plant production. By which the model has an important relationship with the enterprise development strategies, as well as opportunities. Trade export-oriented Chinese air conditioning enters the mainstream model in Africa. Enterprises are looking for agents or traders in the local or output own brand or OEM (OEM) exports.
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