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A car alarm installed in the car, used to increase the the car theft difficulty extend car theft time device.

Prevailing in the international automobile anti-theft core of the development of an anti-theft device to prevent automobile theft, which means that even if the car thieves still can not open the door to drive away. Currently the car alarm many brands on the market, including three generations of products, these products are mainly:

First generation: a mechanical anti-theft device: it by locking clutch, brake, throttle or steering wheel, shift speed to achieve the purpose of the anti-theft hook lock, steering wheel lock and variable speed gear lock, but only burglar alarm . The most conventional type of anti-theft devices, the history of the oldest, but more bulky, too much trouble to use, especially for female owners. Although there are now a lot of use of some advanced material to prevent prying, sawing the lock out of the market but still unsightly inconvenient.

The second generation: electronic anti-theft devices: Blade, push-button and remote control, etc., it is mainly by locking ignition or starting to achieve the purpose of anti-theft, but also has anti-theft and audible alarm function. The type of anti-theft devices currently on the market mainstream products, and is divided into one-way anti-theft devices and two-way alarm, both alarm owners to control the car by remote control, two-way alarm to the true state of the vehicle back to the car owners .

Third generation: network-based anti-theft devices: including the global positioning satellite system GPS and car anti-theft device GQF silent, it will alarm information and alarm vehicle location is sent to the alarm center. This type of anti-theft device for luxury cars. Not yet in general use. The two alarm market analysis product categories of anti-theft devices, currently the most widely used electronic anti-theft devices, is currently the mainstream market. Although more types of anti-theft devices, including mechanical anti-theft devices, electronic security, network security, but the development of the market situation, the mechanical anti-theft device less functional, not pretty convenient, has begun to fade out, although many whole The new car factory by car manufacturers with class anti-theft devices, and consumer purchase replaced with electronic anti-theft device to alarm. Network alarm higher prices, although the advanced features, but some features can not achieve universal application, so the market has not been large-scale use. Therefore, from the market-driven or electronic anti-theft device.

Electronic anti-theft device is divided into one-way electronic anti-theft devices and two-way electronic anti-theft devices, the advantages of the two-way alarm to the true state of the vehicle immediately reflected to the owners. Currently the market share of these two anti-theft device in the market for one-way: bidirectional = 8:2, mainly due to:

● Although consumers have to buy a car, but the habits of the consumer, the economy is still relatively strong, two-way alarm on the market price of about 2 to 3 times the price of ordinary one-way alarm, taking into account several factors, The one-way alarm is still the first choice of consumers, especially in the southern region.

● Bi-directional anti-theft technology requirements, thus installation is difficult to consider from a business point of view, the installation cost is the main source of its profits, one-way alarm installed in a certain period of time is much less than the time of installation of the two-way alarm in order to earn more profits, businesses will be key recommendation of the one-way anti-theft devices;

● bidirectional alarm function increased power consumption. Consumers do not understand the product can not be timely to replace the battery, causing the vehicle can not open the boot, has attracted so many inconveniences, which is less demand for that type of product. However, with the development of the market, two-way alarm technology continues to mature, the price accepted by consumers, will continue to expand its market share. HC Auto Market Institute survey of nearly a thousand domestic vehicle owners to install a car alarm, with nearly a third of consumers said that again when the purchase of anti-theft devices will select the two-way electronic anti-theft devices, only 7% of users will also buy a one-way alarm from a burglar mainstream market in the next three years will be a two-way alarm; characteristics of the three remote-control car alarm remote car alarm With the advances in electronic technology and development together, popularizing the most widely used in the market. It is characterized by remote control anti-theft devices, reliable and convenient, with vibration detection, gated protection and microwave or infrared probe functions. With the increasing demands of the market on the anti-theft device, remote control car alarm also adds many additional features for ease of use, such as remote control door locks, remote send put warm and cold wind, remote control electric windows and remote control to open the luggage and other functions.

The main configuration of a remote control car alarm

A complete set of remote car alarm by the following components:

(1) host part: it is the core of the anti-theft device and control center.

(2) induction detection part: it can be a sensor or probe, commonly used oscillation sense

Less should, microwave and infrared sensor applications.

(3) gated parts: the front cover switch, door switch and the luggage compartment switch, etc..

(4) the alarm part: Speaker.

(5) wiring portion.

(6) Other: including accessories such as stickers, screws and relay and instructions for use and installation wiring diagram.

Anti-theft device password

With mobile phones work on the same principle, in addition to have the same transmit and receive frequencies between remote car alarm remote control transmitter and burglar host system, but also to have a password to mutual recognition. Alarm password is a group by different combinations of data, is alarm a key. The one hand, it records the burglar's identity information (identity code), to distinguish different alarm; burglar inside his mouth the other hand, it is instruction information (data code or script), is responsible to enable or disable the anti-theft device control immobilizer function. In other words, with this password will master key to open the burglar.

Several main types of remote car alarm

Password different means of transmission, remote car alarm is mainly divided into two types of fixed code anti-theft devices and code hopping alarm. Early alarm to use more fixed code, but because of its own shortcomings, is now gradually being technically more advanced, better-performing code hopping burglar burglar replaced. Here's the principle of the two different types of anti-theft devices, features to be introduced.

Given code immobilizer early remote car alarm is the host and the remote control have the same set of password, the remote control transmitter password, host to receive a password, thus completing the various functions of the alarm, this password emission called generation of fixed code transmitter (referred to as the fixed code transmitter). Fixed code transmitter in the car alarm is not widespread, when the anti-theft devices consume less than that in an initial anti-theft device market, the security and reliability of the alarm guaranteed. But for an anti-theft device is already mature market, given the code the way it is neither reliable nor safe, for three reasons:

(1) password less prone to duplicate code, which happened a remote control to control the phenomenon of multiple vehicles.

(2) The remote control is lost, alone replace the remote control is extremely unsafe, unless a replacement, together with the host, but the cost is too high.

(3) is the greatest danger that poor security, password easily copy or steal, so that the vehicle is stolen.

The code hopping burglar definition code anti-theft devices have long been in existence password less prone to repetitive code and password can easily be copied to steal insecurity, 1996 password learning code hopping alarm

Its characteristics are as follows: (1) remote control password in addition to the identity code and script, the addition of a code hopping part. The code hopping that is password according to certain coding function, each launch time, the password immediately change the password will not be easily copied or steal high security.

(2) group password combination millions simply eliminate duplicate code.

(3) the host without a password, the host through learning remote control password in order to achieve mutual recognition between the host and the remote control. If the remote control is lost, safe and low-cost replacement remote control, no worries.

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