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Brief Introduction of Hotel Kitchen Equipments and Relative Safety Management Measures

Posted on January 23 2013 by Increase fire safety education hotel kitchen staffs, offer regular training for them, and develop appropriate fire safety management system. in kitchen equipment supplier, commercial kitchen ovens, Chinese kitchen Equipment Supplier And Exporter


Hotel kitchen equipment is a general term for equipments and tools placed in a hotel kitchen for cooking. The hotel kitchen equipments usually include cooking heating equipments, such as stoves: gas furnace, steam cabinet, induction cooker, infrared oven, microwave or toaster; processing equipments: dough mixer, bread machine, pressing machine, slicer, meat grinder, squeezing juice machine and so on; disinfection and cleaning processing appliances: washing workbench, stainless steel basin desk, vegetables machine, kitchen sink or dishwasher, sterilized cupboard, etc; storage equipments for food raw materials, appliances and semi-finished products at room temperature and low temperature: flat shelf, rice cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, cold storage; commonly used kitchen corollary equipments: ventilation equipment such as fume hood exhaust systems, air and water purifier for processing exhaust gas and waste water, oil separator, etc; food elevator for large catering industry. As society progresses, due to the special health requirements set to the hotel kitchen for recent 20 years, hotel kitchen equipment supplier and manufacturer have make the part of those equipments contact with food and raw material stainless steel to meet sanitary and health requirements.

Hotel Kitchen Fire Safety Management Measures

Aiming at the current status of the vast majority of kitchen, strengthening the hotel kitchen fire safety management is the focus of fire control work.

1. Increase fire safety education hotel kitchen staffs, offer regular training for them, and develop appropriate fire safety management system.

2. Start the power switch of the gas inside the kitchen.

3. Those area easy to be polluted like walls and kitchen hoods next to the kitchen stoves should be cleaned every day, while smoke pipe should be cleaned at least once every six months.

4. Kitchen appliances facilities should be strictly in accordance with the national technical specifications, and no "copper replacing aluminum" phenomenon occurred. Switches, sockets and other electrical equipment used in the kitchen should be closed to prevent the penetration of water. And they should be installed in a place away from the coal gas, liquefied gas stove, so as not to cause sparks and leakage of gas and liquefied gas combustion when they are turned on. Various machineries and equipments work in kitchen shall not use too much electricity, and should keep in mind that during use moisture should be prevented from electrical equipment and wiring.

5. Kitchen cookware like commercial kitchen ovens should be products examined by the national quality inspection departments and avoid choosing unqualified appliances.

6. After the work, operators should turn off all the gas fuel valves, cut off the power and fire source immediately.

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