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Applications of Spray Nozzles Plastic Products

Posted on January 16 2013 by cleaning nozzle, spraying nozzle, cooling nozzle, fire protection nozzle, humidification nozzle, dust nozzle, lubrication nozzle, and gas regulation nozzle. in spray gun nozzle, plastic nozzles, Spray Nozzles Suppliers

Applications of nozzles are various, and they can be divided into several types according to the nozzle shape, mainly there are the following types: cleaning nozzle, spraying nozzle, cooling nozzle, fire protection nozzle, humidification nozzle, dust nozzle, lubrication nozzle, and gas regulation nozzle. The following are the brief introduction of different nozzles in a specific industry:

Paper-making Spray Nozzle

The anti-foaming nozzle is used to get rid of the coated foam in the paper pulp, and the hollow cone nozzle and spiral nozzle are also used; coating nozzles, that is, a surface coating of the paper should use the coating machine, namely the atomizing nozzles; the cutter side water injection nozzle, i.e. the needle-type nozzle, the nozzle is required to work under high pressure conditions, the material should be inlaid ceramic or high alloy; Cleaning cages felts nozzle, usually, it is the cleaning nozzle, the needle-type nozzle and fan nozzle; nozzle used to pull slurry, generally, it is narrow-angle nozzles. Note: The fan-shaped spray gun nozzle is widely used in the paper industry.

Electronics Industry Spraying Style Nozzle

In the large electronics plant, the space should do the humidification cooling, and the tool is usually the spraying nozzle atomization; electronic board cleaning nozzles, fan-type, wide-angle, and quick release nozzle; Rosin application of the nozzle after the circuit board molding, use the nozzle to spray on the rosin and protective the effect of the PCB board; the PCB board also use the steel nozzle.

Plastic Nozzle

Food and Drug Nozzle

The pharmaceutical industry use the atomizing nozzles more often, for example, granulation nozzles and coating nozzle are used for the drug surface icing coating; and as for the food industry, the plastic nozzles are widely used, such as the nozzle used for mustard cleaning, fruits and vegetables cleaning, washing hair removal for the strawberries; purification plant wind air-shower nozzle.

Thermal Power Plant Nozzle

The thermal power plants generally use the nozzle of great flow, such as the silicon carbide nozzles and spiral nozzles are used to desulfurization of dust; and the spray nozzle used in front of the cooling system in the boiler; Use the spraying nozzle to spray a fragrance on the garbage and thus remove the odor; and the solid cone nozzle used to remove dust;

Sanitation Machinery Nozzles

The car sweeper use the nozzle, generally 3 nozzles for each vehicle, and it is used CC1/4 nozzles; garbage cleaning cars uses the CC-1/4-SS stainless steel fan nozzle; bulk asphalt car uses the nozzle with temperature of 180 degrees, and 4KG pressure;

Steel Industry Spraying Nozzle

Rolling mill factory: all fine unit of the hot rolling mill, and all the entrance and the exit of rolling machine require adequate cooling, and generally, there are two fan-shaped nozzles at the entrance, and at the outlet, there are three fan nozzles, the operating pressure is 0.6 1MPA. The total sprinkler amount in the entrance and exit are infested nozzle 150-200/ MIN, the exits: 220-300 / MIN, angle is 125 degrees from the roll surface 76MM-150MM; the continuous casting machine: general nozzle material is stainless steel or copper.
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