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Application Status of the Vehicle Adhesive Sealant

Posted on November 5 2012 in adhesive sealant, smt adhesive

Process Use of Adhesive Sealant

The adhesive sealant is used in the process are multidimensional structure type and semi-structured type. It serves to reduce the solder, instead of welding, the reinforcing structure, sealing rust and reduce the vibration effects of noise. Such adhesive sealant has good adhesion with oil surface plate, and usually, it does not need to set up special heat curing equipment, and it does not have any bad effect to the cleaning phosphating electrophoresis and other coating process. There are mainly hem sealants, spot welding sealant, damping rubber sealant. Coating process is very critical in the automobile manufacturing process, though in the process the use of adhesive sealant varieties are not many, but it is the maximum amount of sealant so far, and mainly including the seam sealant anti stoning paint and shiatsu sealant. The currently the mostly used sealant are the PVC plastisol products. This product good thixotropy, you can squeeze the coating, it can be sprayed, and it does not produce discoloration in the paint and topcoat after construction.

adhesive sealant

Interior Decoration Sealant

Most of the interior decoration sealant variety is plastic variety, such as the widespread use of neoprene adhesives, acrylate pressure-sensitive adhesive, polyurethane smt adhesive bonding agent. And they are mainly used for the roof interior materials, doors waterproof membrane, the door semi interior materials such as an adhesive seal. Adhesive polyurethane is directly used for windshield adhesive seal of the glass windows to replace the traditional assembly process, so as to improve the safety factor of the vehicle.

Auto Parts Sealant

Auto parts assembly process also have to use extensively of adhesive sealant, such as the brake shoe friction plate bonding sealant; dashboard and door vacuum forming adhesive; cleaner element adhesive; the infiltration plugging adhesive, lights use adhesive; The interior materials and noise insulation materials adhesive. Of which, the three filter manufacturers are more than 2,000, the theoretical yield is more than eight times of car production, the whole vehicle manufacturers mostly select a joint venture factory, of which most of the manufacturers testing means are backwardness and smaller, and it has low-cost requirement for aftermarket products.

Engine and Chassis Assembly Sealants

Automotive engine, transmission and the chassis assembly adhesive sealants are used for a variety of flat faces, cap sealing pipe joints, bolts, and shaft retaining locking, to prevent the leakage of oil, gas, water and bolts loose. There are mainly anaerobic adhesives and silicone sealants and other liquid sealants. Among them, the anaerobic good construction technology has fast curing rate, high strength, and can also be made to the microcapsules line precoating. And the silicone rubber sealant has good elasticity, oil resistance and anti-aging.

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