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Analysis of Three Major Changes in Automotive Supplies Industry

Posted on April 10 2013 by When they just realized what happened, and have not seen the trends, the influence of the sudden change on the enterprise has gone deep into production, channels, and many other aspects. in auto accessories suppliers from China, door sill plate Outback auto accessories, auto body parts products

The car after market rapidly changes

In recent years, due to the impact of the international environment and national policies and other factors, the vehicle market is gradually stabilized, and even steps into a fast shuffle stage after experiencing a rapid growth momentum. The car after market closely related to the vehicle market rapidly changes in the recent two years, many auto accessories suppliers from China are overwhelmed a bit. When they just realized what happened, and have not seen the trends, the influence of the sudden change on the enterprise has gone deep into production, channels, and many other aspects.

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The change of the products

The products change both include the upgrading of products and the new products going into the automotive market. Refinement of the same type product provides more choices for the individual needs of owners. Take car seat market for example, from the General Motors traditional hand compiled rise to the colored car special hand-knitted cushion, door sill plate Outback auto accessories, automobiles Four Seasons pad and function cushion and other products on the market today, the car seat industrial structure optimization and upgrading. Therefore, continuous product innovation, and to enhance product innovation is very important. It is an indisputable fact that car seat cover industry is gradually replaced by car seat industry. From the rise to the decline of a product, companies should always follow market changes and very concerned about competitors and changes in market demand, to make timely adjustment and transformation, so that the enterprises can maintain a pre-emptive advantage in product research and development and other aspects.

Channel change

Automotive supplies industry is a young industry, most companies, especially manufacturers' inherent disadvantage of funds, personnel and management level need a suitable sales model to achieve both a win-win situation. Agent model is the choice of many companies, this sales model has been all the rage in the automotive supplies, but the rise of new 4S shop mode, electricity supplier mode and terminal shop mode, allow enterprises to have more choices.

The change of the brand

After ten years of sedimentation and accumulation, a number of influential brands in the industry have started brewing a new journey. Channel sink not only brings challenges, but more business opportunities. Why is brand competition so fierce, why enterprises spare no effort in brand building? In fact, the main reason lies in the value of the brand. Brand is the most advantageous weapon for the enterprises to seize the market, which is the holy grail to priority conquer the hearts of consumers. At the stage of industry brands dominating the market, the so-called automotive supplies market refers to the intention of the distributors, buyers, they decide to purchase whose products, which products will affect the market trend. However, for channel and buyers, how to pick and choose quality and cheap products from the wide range of products, and how to earn the most profitable products become important factors to be considered. The brand carries the value and corporate culture of an enterprise culture, and is the symbol most likely to be cognitive and remembered, especially a brand experienced years of baptism in the market is more able to reflect its value.

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