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Analysis of Packaging Machinery Industry

Posted on November 30 2012 by So most of the parts and the unit parts can get the repeated use, to achieve greater value of the equipment, and save raw materials, labor and costs. in packaging machine, food packaging machine, China Packing Machinery Manufacturer

Upgrading of packaging machine

Comprehensive upgrading of packaging machinery and equipment is the general trend of the development of packaging machinery in China and the world. A large number of transplant will take all modern high-precision technology, electronic technology, microelectronics, edge technology, fuzzy technology in the civil and military industries to further improve the reliability, security, nobody workability and other level of automation of packaging machine and production lines. Replacement is taken to replace the local components or key components and key technologies, so as to achieve the purpose of the unit replace and update the original packaging machinery and equipment or production line, production capacity, performance, efficiency and models. So most of the parts and the unit parts can get the repeated use, to achieve greater value of the equipment, and save raw materials, labor and costs.

The key of research and development

First, develop the models with small energy consumption, large output power, excellent dynamic stability, low voice and less pollution. Second, develop the packaging machine kinds with multi-shape, and can be used to package square, rectangular, circular, oval, triangular, pillow-shaped, strip, and the odd-shaped abnormal packaging. Third, develop multi-material state packaging machine (food packaging machine, filling machines), which can be used for the packaging of liquid, semi-fluid state, sticky state, sauce and solid state particulate, granular, powder, flake, block state strip as well as The odd shaped abnormal items. Fourth, develop multi-substrate bag making machine, manufactured on a single multi-layer paper bag with plastic film bag, aluminum foil compound bag with paper-plastic composite bag processing multi-function machine. Fifth, develop a variety of resin molding machines, such as a variety of resin extruder, a variety of film blowing machine, as well as a variety of resin salivation multifunction models.

Demand for packaging machinery industry development

First, develop a variety of corrugated unit, production line, and it can reach a production of A-type and B-type, C-type and E-type corrugated board production line under the rapid replacement docking slew roll. Second, develop a variety of resin bidirectional bit stretched crew, production lines, and mainly replace extrusion roundworm rod, expand coarse range expansion of the die lip, design aspect ratio, the ratio of two-way stretch mechanical devices according to a variety of the resin performance. Third, develop a variety of coating machine, both for the blade coating, air knife coating and metering coating and can be used for a variety of coatings of different paint at the same time coating, the thickness of the coating can be used for fine-tuning. Fourth, develop multi-function printers, both for offset, gravure and flexographic printing (flexo printing) and can be not only printed paper, but also printed plastic film, composite plastics, composite materials, aluminum foil, (containing aluminum vacuum) and decorating materials.

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This article come from:http://machine.china-fillingmachine.com/china-packaging-machine-2/analysis-of-packaging-machinery-industry.htm
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