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Air Conditioning Industry Creeps Forward

Posted on December 17 2012 by However, the overseas market is changing, we are not only difficult to predict, and let alone control. in central air conditioner, packaged air conditioner, Air conditioning units Manufacturer & Supplier

Chinese Air Conditioning Industry is Struggling Forward

What do you think about the 2013 cold year for the air conditioning industry? There are so many uncertainties, such as the global economy has no substantial recovery, European sovereign debt crisis will deteriorate further, when can the domestic slowdown in economic growth be reversed still has no further consumer stimulus plan. Seemingly changes in the macroeconomic environment have nothing to do with the air conditioning industry. In fact, the air conditioning, as consumer durables has a closely relationship to the economic environment. central air conditioner industry in China will reduce the pressure from the global economy, if the next debt crisis eased, the U.S. economy will show significant growth, because exports have been an important growth point for Chinese air conditioning industry. However, the overseas market is changing, we are not only difficult to predict, and let alone control.

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China air Conditioner Market Bullish Factors

Seen from the domestic market, bullish factor is that, in order to curb the economic downturn, the government is bound to introduce more policies to stimulate consumption. packaged air conditioner, as the important consumer goods for business and household use, will definitely benefits in stimulating consumption. Moreover, the 2013 cold year with this round of subsidies for energy cycle overlapping basic policy of stimulating the effect is still evident. But we also cannot ignore some of the negative factors that the main demand brought about by the economic downturn is expected to reduce. The gradual disappearance of the demographic dividend factors, coupled with the government on the real estate market is tightly regulated. This series of factors will certainly be a negative growth restrictive role to market return.

Air Conditioning Industry Must be Innovative

In the case of a lot of market uncertainty, a lot of people would think to use innovation to break the shackles, but the air conditioning is not the electronics industry, the physical properties of the product once formed will stay mature and stable for a long time. So, with today's technology innovation, we still cannot see in 2013 the air-conditioning industry development of innovation-driven. In addition to product innovation, marketing model innovation cannot be ignored. According to Ovid Consulting (AVC) monitoring data that online shopping has entered a rapid development track. And in recent years, more than 40% per year growth rate of large household appliances is growing, including air conditioning, has also become a hot spot of online shopping. To seize the high ground of this channel, it will be the biggest surprise of the 2013 air conditioning change channel.

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