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5d Theater is the Representative of Trend of Times

Posted on December 26 2012 by "Avatar" set off a wave of 3d movie two years ago in China. This 3d movie swept away more than a billion dollars from China. When exclaiming 3d theater charm, 5d theater quietly arrives. in 5D Theater, 5d cinema, China Home Cinema Equipment Manufacturer

5d theater struck with lightning speed

"Avatar" set off a wave of 3d movie two years ago in China. This 3d movie swept away more than a billion dollars from China. When exclaiming 3d theater charm, 5d theater quietly arrives. Today 3d has not yet gained a firm footing, 5d theater struck with lightning speed. Domestic 5D Theater penetration rate is still very small, especially in secondary cities, there is not even a decent 3d theater, not to mention the 5d theater.

5d movie mystery

5d cinema is much liked by the majority of young men and women once it was released. Why 5d theater is so popular? Now let's uncover 5d movie mystery. 5d cinema is also called 5d dynamic three-dimensional theater. It perfectly integrates vision, hearing, smell, touch, and movement by seat special effects and environmental effects, fully using interactive props, so the audiences integrate into the movie plot, experience unreal simulation and thrilling adventure travel.

5D Cinema Equipment

Seat special effects of 5d theater equipment system

Seat special effects system allows the audience to feel the bumps, tremor, whipped up and down effect. When the viewers watch adventure, horror, the seat effects are embodied particularly evident. For example, when viewers are watching videos of the roller coaster, seat allows the audience to feel the ups and downs, whipped up and down pass through the mountains in the virtual movie world, to experience the rapid shuttling of excitement in the mountains in the interior.

Audio and video effects system

The 5d cinema audio and video effects system include metal screen, projector, rack (with the Prejudiced mirror, tablets), the playback server, control cabinets, screens, subwoofers and main speakers, surround speakers, amplifiers and other equipment. The software system consists of movie special effects action editor, video player, and synchronous control system, motion effects and environmental effects system. The equipment mainly includes high configuration computer, cylinder, monitors, cabinet and so on.

5d theater equipment environmental effects system

The environmental effects are mainly effects to match with the movie screen, for example, when watching 5D movie, if it plays rain scenes in the movie, special effects that we have done can make the audience feel there is rain in the body; if the wind blows in the movie, the audience will synchronously feel the wind coming; if there is the fog in the movie, the audience feel the fog diffuses around. Environmental effects equipment include bubble machine, water jet machine, hairdryer, snow machine, smoke machine, strobe machine, air compressor, they can create rain, wind, snow, smoke, lightning and variety feeling.

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