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2013 Wire and Cable International Annual Meeting is Forthcoming in May

Posted on March 20 2013 by During May 8, 2013 to 10 May, 2013, the International Annual Meeting of wire and cable will be held at the Kempinski Hotel in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. in wholesale hdmi cable, electrical wire supplier, Electric Cable Manufacturer

International Annual Meeting of wire and cable will be held in May

During May 8, 2013 to 10 May, 2013, the International Annual Meeting of wire and cable will be held at the Kempinski Hotel in Yixing, Jiangsu Province. The annual meeting is sponsored by the cable network, as the wire and cable industry's leading international cable industry authority event, the well-known cable industry professionals from around the country will gather in the cable township - Yixing, planning strategic layout for the wire and cable industry in the economic cycle, and seek common development.

Authoritative international experts meet in Yixing

It is reported that the Annual Meeting will invite Asia-Pacific general manager Sam Steen, Indonesian cable Manufacturers Association chairman Nova Saima Lula, Berndtson wire and cable director Philip Leide Peng and other internationally renowned cable industry experts, combined with the current international situation to explore future path of internationalization of China's cable industry, which will invite the domestic famous economist, special researcher Yao Jingyuan, CIGRE CIGRE, Xi'an Jiaotong University professor Cao Xiao Long and authority experts multi-angle analyze the state of affairs of the cable industry's development from all aspects of industrial development, product technology, quality, raw materials. At the same time, the well-known domestic wholesale hdmi cable industry Far East, Huntoon head will come together in Yixing, collecting various ministries, agencies authoritative, commonly talk about the future development of the Chinese cable industry.

HDMI Cable

Collect downstream resources to build the whole industry chain event

This year is a crucial year for national "12th Five-Year Plan" playing pivot roles, the "low-carbon, new energy, innovation" words have hit the newspapers, which has become the focus of major corporate executives talking about. The 2013 Wire and Cable International Annual Meeting will be close to the national policies and regulations, collecting cable industry on downstream resources, in the light of market opportunities and industry challenges for electrical wire supplier in the future development, talk from the cable industry patterns and trends, carry out depth discussion on the grid business opportunities and new energy boom, analyze the current trends of the new cable materials. To create the authority top event of the cable industry through the whole industry chain analysis of the latest state of the cable industry.

Close to the customer demand, shaping brand meeting

This meeting gets strong support from the State Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China Machinery Industry Federation, China Electricity Council, State Grid Corporation, China Southern Power Grid Company, China Electrical Equipment Industrial Association, wire and cable branch and other government departments, covering the major well-known cable base, as well as Jiangsu Province famous cable manufacturers, cable equipment manufacturing enterprises and upstream and downstream demand vendors of Friendship, sign a strategic cooperation agreement of Cooperation and Mutual Assistance with the cable associations, chambers of commerce across the country. At the time of the new government leadership, general election, the state's support to industrial manufacturing policy is becoming clear. Meeting in Yixing 2013 wire and cable international annual meeting is the best opportunity to explore the industrial state of affairs, talk about the cooperation and exchange. 2013 Wire and Cable Annual Meeting will become the thinking feast to promote the large-scale and standardized development of cable industry in China.

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